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Written by Joan Bramsch

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JOAN BRAMSCH is a family person, educator, writer and E-publisher. Her articles appear internationally in print and online. Six of her best-selling adult novels - near one million copies - have worldwide distribution. Her Empowered Parenting Ezine serves 1000 parents around the globe.

Can I Get It For Free?

Written by Elane Williams

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This is what I have got inrepparttar last year:

1. A Compaq notebook carrying case

2. Feminine Hygiene products

3. Family Size box of Cereal from Post/General Mills

4. Posters from NASA, Mental Health organizations, Music Clubs

5. Cash from winning at Survey sites

6. Certificates from

7. Beauty products

8. Pamphlets and coupons for Bed and Breakfast Inns

9. Gift Certificates for

10. Fishing Magazines

11. T-shirts

12. Twenty cases of tissue fromrepparttar 113269 manufacturer.

These arerepparttar 113270 ones that I remember and there have been lots and lots of on-line and off line coupons for different things ranging from soup to vacations inrepparttar 113271 Islands. If there are any promotional people out there that want a family to try products we usually do that too.

We have been in surveys for ketchup, laundry soap, hand soap and bath gels, Kraft dinner, and mayo just to name a few.

I am sure there are lots of freebies for everyone and I am going to keep looking aroundrepparttar 113272 web.

Ms. Williams has coped with life in many different situations, health problems, and shares the pain and the strength and wisdom that she has received from others and her Higher Power. Elane has achieved some success with having her work published on websites, in Newsletters, and poetry anthologies.

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