Utilizing the Tools We Are Given

Written by Mike Clifford/HeartlandOutdoorsman.Com

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What I found most interesting about some of these manuals isrepparttar historical accounts ofrepparttar 139205 various rivers and streams. Diaries of early explorers are portrayed in detail, and we realize just how difficult it was for our forefathers to live during that time period, knowing that if they were not stewards ofrepparttar 139206 land around them they would have a very tough time of it inrepparttar 139207 long run. As for statistics and charts, there are more then you could ever ask for if you were to prepare a paper or make comparisons forrepparttar 139208 purpose of a conservation project. Surely some ofrepparttar 139209 best case studies to be found anywhere. For those interested inrepparttar 139210 geological composition of our state,repparttar 139211 descriptions and technical explanations will more than likely satisfy your interest quite capably as well. Shaded Relief and Land Cover maps round out a comprehensive set that any serious angler should not be without.

I sent a request for just a couple of watersheds initially, and quickly realized I needed to have all of them- so save yourself some time by just sending one Email and request all of them at once. Remember, they are paid for with Conservation 2000 money, so they are yours to enjoy, free of charge! Conservation 2000 isrepparttar 139212 culmination of recommendations from CTAP,repparttar 139213 Illinois Conservation Congress, and Former Governor Edgar's Water Resources and Land Use Priorities Task Force. The CTAP recommendations came out of its 1994 report onrepparttar 139214 state ofrepparttar 139215 Illinois environment. CTAP investigators inventoried and analyzed existing environmental, ecological, and economic data to establish baseline conditions from which future changes in ecological conditions might be measured.

Good luck, and be sure to let us know onrepparttar 139216 website when you get these, how you are utilizing them and how you like them. I'm willing to bet that you'll be wondering why you hadn't ordered them sooner! The CTAP manuals described here can be ordered by followingrepparttar 139217 URL listed below: http://dnr.state.il.us/orep/c2000/assessments/ OR, by sending an Email torepparttar 139218 following address: clearing@dnrmail.state.il.us

Until next time, I'll leave you with this: "No one person has to do it all but if each one of us follow our heart and our own inclinations we will findrepparttar 139219 small things that we can do to create a sustainable future and a healthy environment". - John Denver

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Framing Tips - Sun, Moisture & Heat

Written by by Jim Fishwick, Manager, Matshop.com and Matshop.ca

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The enemy: High heat.

Most materials shrink or expand with high heat, andrepparttar framing package is no exception. Leave a mat out in an area of rising temperature and it will cup, sometimes substantially. The level of relative humidity will also contribute to this effect. High heat combined with excessive humidity can cause artwork to become glued to glass, especially inrepparttar 139158 case of photos. Once this occurs,repparttar 139159 damage is permanent. Use mats to keeprepparttar 139160 artwork from touchingrepparttar 139161 glazing.

Generally, high heat in a home should not be a big problem, especially in dry areas. Transporting artwork can be tricky. Never leave it in a trunk during hot or humid weather, and evenrepparttar 139162 interior of a vehicle can be much too hot. Get it home to a safe environment as quickly as possible. When shipping artwork make sure it will not be subjected to high heat.


Do not get paranoid about exposing framed artwork in normal settings. Hanging from a wall a few feet from eitherrepparttar 139163 floor or ceiling protects it from extremes of temperature and humidity withinrepparttar 139164 house. Be surerepparttar 139165 house is never left unheated in cold and damp weather, and never leave it outside or in vehicles any longer than possible. Make surerepparttar 139166 sun never sees it directly, and keep your better stuff away from florescent lights. Use conservation glass or acrylic for especially valuable or valued pieces.

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