Using the internet to manage your family’s finance

Written by Rachel Lane

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which ensure that parents can always findrepparttar best deal for their finances, including credit cards, loans, mortgage, life insurance, house insurance, car insurance andrepparttar 141140 children’s savings accounts. Many personal finance sites including moneynet also offer “account aggregation” tools, which allow parents (and non parents!) to manage all of their finances online, including current accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit cards. If you think your household bills are too high, can provide you with a comparison of providers for gas & electricity, water and household communications.

And if that all seems a little too practical, take some time out for a little light relief with This website offers a wealth of information about how to extract useful information fromrepparttar 141141 internet, as well as providing more random suggestions such asrepparttar 141142 science of online games, “design a structure of copper coins” and evenrepparttar 141143 world’s most calorific sandwich.

Rachel writes for the personal finance blog Cashzilla:

Fourth Of July Safety

Written by Jill Nelson

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Glow sticks are very popular. Like other products, it hasrepparttar potential to become very dangerous if not used properly. Although, glow sticks have very low potential of catching fire, glow sticks can create hazards ifrepparttar 141110 plastic is punctured or torn. The chemicals used in glow sticks can cause irritation torepparttar 141111 skin and if consumed orally can become very harmful. If this does occur, dispose ofrepparttar 141112 glow stick immediately. Wash your hands (or any other part ofrepparttar 141113 body which may have been exposed torepparttar 141114 chemicals) with soap and water. If any part ofrepparttar 141115 glow stick is consumed orally, see a doctor and callrepparttar 141116 US National Poison Helpline immediately at 1-800-222-1222. If a pet has ingestedrepparttar 141117 chemical, callrepparttar 141118 US Animal Poison Helpline at 1-800-213-6800. For more information on glow sticks and glow stick safety, check out

Whatever you decide to do forrepparttar 141119 Fourth of July holiday make sure to have fun, be safe and respectrepparttar 141120 people around you.

Jill Nelson is a freelance writer who enjoys spending time with her children when she isn’t working as a contributing editor for sites writing safety articles on topics such as Glow Sticks for sites like

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