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Troubleshooting your Cable Box

Written by Nick Smith

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If you are getting a picture but no sound; or sound but no picture; or a fuzzy picture or sound, recheckrepparttar cable connections to make sure they are tightened and thatrepparttar 133361 wires or connecting pieces are undamaged. Poor picture or sound is typically caused by one of three problems: poor wire connections, signal interference, or TV settings.

Going outside to make sure nothing is interfering with your signal will help withrepparttar 133362 second problem. Of course, if you have underground cables there is not much you can do about making sure they are clear of interference (that’s read, “Your neighbor cut through it while gardening”). If you have a satellite dish, know that excessive rain or snow buildup onrepparttar 133363 dish can cause signal interference. Use caution when checking your dish, especially if it is on your roof or some other hard-to-reach place around your house. The installer should have verified that no trees or other objects would interfere with your signal fromrepparttar 133364 satellites, but take a quick look around to see if new foliage is blockingrepparttar 133365 signal. If it is not on your property, do not cut or remove anything without prior permission fromrepparttar 133366 property owner.

Finally, adjusting your TV settings can help when you are receiving a clear signal and allrepparttar 133367 connections are fine. Horizontal and vertical settings arerepparttar 133368 adjustments that most often need to be made, but consulting your owner’s manual can give you a better indication of other settings that can be tweaked.

Troubleshooting requires patience, so make some lemonade, roll up your sleeves, and get started. If none of these suggestions work (9 times out of 10 they will), contact your service provider. They may have additional troubleshooting steps or resources they can make available to you to get your cable or satellite TV up and running.

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