Using the "Da Vinci Code" to build quality one way inbound links

Written by Jason Hulott

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I have also seen a few others userepparttar hysteria behindrepparttar 128236 book to send out a topical release about their business that ties intorepparttar 128237 book.

There was one about a restoration company who can uncover dirt and restore old paintings and furniture which was very good. I remember there we some good dating stories aroundrepparttar 128238 time of Bridget Jones and also some great creative use ofrepparttar 128239 Lord ofrepparttar 128240 Rings Movies.

In essence, look torepparttar 128241 media forrepparttar 128242 next big thing to try and incorporate it into your press release campaigns. Books and movies are great sources andrepparttar 128243 great thing is they are always releasingrepparttar 128244 next big blockbuster.

Remember to try and keep it related but not stupid or far fetched.

Some ideas

Movie: Troy

Idea: Make sure your virus protection software is not your achilles heel! Idea: Beware Trojans! New Book on Virus Protection Software!

Movie: Bridget Jones

Idea: Anything Dating Related.

Also try using other news stories to generate interest. Use other major events although I would recommend most strongly that your avoid natural disasters or human suffering as a way to leverage a story. This would do your creditability damage and is quite immoral.

Anyways, good luck with your press release campaigns.

If you ever needed an excuse to go torepparttar 128245 movies or bookstore then I have just given yourepparttar 128246 best one yet. Hey, you could even claim it as a business expense!

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Do You Want To PUmp Up Your Search Engine Rankings?

Written by Rich Brunelle

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4.) If you have published an e-Book or other downloadable product, submitrepparttar URL data to Search Directories and e-Book Directories, and submitrepparttar 128235 e-book itself to Download sites.

5.) Participate in bLogs. Again, this is an invaluable web site promotion method. Providing . . . thatrepparttar 128236 writer includes a signature or resource box with their web site URL data included.

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