Using the DNCI mode of Fanuc-0 for continuous machining of large programs

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What is DNCI? DNCI is an add-on torepparttar AUTO mode ofrepparttar 133512 CNC where instead of executingrepparttar 133513 part program fromrepparttar 133514 memory ofrepparttar 133515 CNC, it executes program blocks dynamically transferred to it throughrepparttar 133516 RS232 port. This article explains how to set uprepparttar 133517 DNCI and successfully execute programs.

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Laptop Computer Extras for the Mobile Traveler

Written by John San Filippo

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Ethernet isrepparttar industry standard for computer networking, however back inrepparttar 133511 1970s IBM introduced a competing technology called Token Ring.

While Token Ring has all but faded fromrepparttar 133512 mainstream, some hardcore IBM'ers still use it.

If you're going to be working in such an environment, you'll need a PC Card to connect torepparttar 133513 network.

Extra 4: Foreign power kit

If you travel abroad, you're bound to run into a wide variety of power schemes - power schemes that aren't compatible with your laptop.

When you're away fromrepparttar 133514 homeland, you'll need some sort of adapter/converter if you want to plug into a local wall outlet.

These are relatively inexpensive and can be easily found online.

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