Using streaming media to benefit the music industry

Written by Adi Gaskell

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do not haverepparttar required funds or promotional know how to finance these services. It will be up to companies who are willing to sponsor live shows to invite independent bands to perform. The bands would let there fans know whenrepparttar 109999 event is being broadcast. The advertising content can be included onrepparttar 110000 set ofrepparttar 110001 gigs making it easy to utilizerepparttar 110002 bands website as a place forrepparttar 110003 fans to viewrepparttar 110004 broadcast with minimal coding and web design work. If a company sets uprepparttar 110005 sponsorship right, they could invite many different bands from all overrepparttar 110006 world to supply pre-recorded live shows that can be rebroadcast online. Their products and branding would be seen on many different websites by a focused audience without much financial outlay. For this to happen though, requires a third party to connectrepparttar 110007 bands withrepparttar 110008 companies. Most bands would jump atrepparttar 110009 chance of having their music broadcast overrepparttar 110010 internet even ifrepparttar 110011 opening splash screen was sponsored by a brand of beer they didn't drink.

It's common for bands to have a strong following in their local community or their country of origin which adds even more power to a successful focused advertising campaign. By providingrepparttar 110012 link betweenrepparttar 110013 sponsors andrepparttar 110014 bands, webvideo4u opens up a whole new area of online marketing and band promotion. The band can keep their fans happy, and hopefully sell some CDs alongrepparttar 110015 way.

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5 Sure Fire Ways to Get Radio Play for Your “Independent” Music!

Written by Ty Cohen

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#4 - Network. Find out if someone you know (or someone they know) has connections torepparttar music stations. Remember six degrees of separation - you’re only six people away from knowing anyone onrepparttar 109998 planet and yes that includes station managers, concert promoters and record execs. The trick is it takes a great deal of work and time, but if you’re serious, it’s well worth it.

#5 - Go local, state, national. Don’t think you’re going to skip your local and state stations and berepparttar 109999 next Matchbox Twenty. It doesn’t work that way. Start small and then get big.

Making contacts and getting names can be tough, that’s why you should start with a tested and proven music industry resource like The Industry Yellow Pages - Music Industry Contact Directory at

The TIYP is helpful and loaded with contacts you can start using immediately without doing allrepparttar 110000 legwork yourself.

This article was written by Ty Cohen, the music industry's most recognizable voice! Ty is the C.E.O of Platinum Millennium Publishing, Platinum Millennium Records as well as owner of and

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