Using an e-signature to guarantee a boost in your web traffic!

Written by William Johnston

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Try to make your e-signature stand out. Although e-signatures arerepparttar one ofrepparttar 146804 most neglected ways of advertising, there are plenty of other people who are using them to boost their web traffic. I’ve found thatrepparttar 146805 “=” sign is an effective way of making e-signatures stand out. If you are sending emails regularly with an e-signature then try to changerepparttar 146806 border of your e-signature now and again. If people see a difference in your e-signature it will rouse their curiosity and make them click onrepparttar 146807 link.

An alternative way of making your e-signature stand out is to use ‘P.S’ like you would in a written letter. People are naturally curious and are always going to read that last little bit of an email or article, just to find out what elserepparttar 146808 writer has to tell them. I find that this tactic is particularly useful when writing an informative email to subscribers about updates on my site.

Overall, I suggest experimenting with your e-signature until you have it just right. Ask your friends whether they think it is effective and whether it stands out sufficiently. Just keep on trying new e-signatures out until you getrepparttar 146809 highest response rates.


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Securing the Medical Office with Taceo

Written by Zachary Price

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Additionally, encryption software does not protect content after it has been delivered. Once opened,repparttar patient’s identifiable medical information is totally exposed; email can be accidentally forwarded, laptops and PCs can be lost or sold with PHI remaining onrepparttar 145207 hard-drive, patient info could be leaked via virus, spy-ware or Trojan worm. Unauthorized individuals gain access and doctor-patient confidentiality is breached. The caregiver must be able to ensure that received documents remain encrypted and can be deleted fromrepparttar 145208 patient’s computer after a given time. How canrepparttar 145209 healthcare provider utilizerepparttar 145210 power of email to give medical advice while keeping sensitive patient data secure?

Taceo helps healthcare professionals meet HIPAA requirements forrepparttar 145211 secure storage, transmission and delivery of identifiable patient information. Taceo makesrepparttar 145212 sending and receiving of secured email and documents quick and easy. Fromrepparttar 145213 desktop or MS Outlook®, providers can encrypt and apply usage permissions to control and prevent actions as forwarding, cut/copy/paste, printing and disablingrepparttar 145214 Print Screen key. Email and documents can also be set to “expire” and will become unreadable at a given time and date.

Taceo is by no means a comprehensiven overall HIPAA security solution, however if used properly can help your business to inexpensively meet most ofrepparttar 145215 critical rules.


• Protect EPHI from theft, misdirection and unauthorized distribution. • Allows primary care providers and specialists to instantly and securely share patient records with little cost. • Enables patients to easily access and securely reply to protected emails containing medical advice, prescription information and more from their home or work computers. • Gives off-site providers an easy method to access and reply to secure email sent across disparate computing environments • Affordable security beyondrepparttar 145216 office firewall. Taceo can ensurerepparttar 145217 proper use and protection of EPHI no matter where it travels or where it is stored. • Helps ensure authenticity of EPHI with digital signatures. • Improve productivity by usingrepparttar 145218 web to instantly & securely share sensitive data. • Taceo offers an affordable way to securely store sensitive information on site. • Prevent unauthorized access to your documents. • Prevent unauthorized distribution (no forwarding) • Prevent document editing (no cut, copy, paste) • Set expiration time/date on email & documents. • Ensures confidentiality and privacy. • Securely and permanently delete files to Department of Defense standards (DOD 5220.22-M). • Patients can download Taceo for free. • Meet regulatory compliance requirements for privacy - HIPAA, PIPEDA, 21 CFR Part 11, Sarbanes-Oxley


No security software inrepparttar 145219 world is 100% unbreakable, evenrepparttar 145220 most advanced digital encryption techniques can be broken or circumvented by some person or organization with enough motivation, time and money. Taceo does not totally negaterepparttar 145221 risk of information leakage, for example a malicious individual could take a digital photo ofrepparttar 145222 screen or re-typerepparttar 145223 content into another document and distribute it. However, Taceo considerably reducesrepparttar 145224 risk that sensitive data can be disseminated to unauthorized individuals or groups. Taceo Safeguards remain withrepparttar 145225 data no matter where it travels or where it is stored. Even if a CD or USB thumb-drive containing protected data is stolen,repparttar 145226 information contained therein will remain encrypted and cannot be opened by unauthorized recipients.


Although it is often difficult to makerepparttar 145227 initial switch to using digital patient records,repparttar 145228 cost savings can be profound, especially when amortized over a number of years. Benefits include better accuracy in health records, less time spent transcribing patient notes, filling prescriptions and receiving quicker payment from insurance companies. Forrepparttar 145229 most part many healthcare practitioners have been slow to adopt digital medical records, as of April 2005 only 16.4% of doctors inrepparttar 145230 United States had maderepparttar 145231 switch. Reasons most often cited forrepparttar 145232 slow adoption has beenrepparttar 145233 costs in time and money. Fear of complicated regulations also slowrepparttar 145234 transition; once records are inrepparttar 145235 digital realm HIPAA standards must be strictly adhered.

Althoughrepparttar 145236 task appears daunting, individual and smaller medical practices can cost-effectively makerepparttar 145237 digital transition with largely low cost, off-the-shelf components.

Taceo, from Essential Security Software should be an integral part of any digital migration plan. Taceo can help your office securerepparttar 145238 storage and transmission of PHI. Because Taceo can be used on almost any PC, it can be used to “bridgerepparttar 145239 gap” with offices of other healthcare providers that have not yet maderepparttar 145240 switch to digital records. Whether digital or analog, all organizations that deal with patient medical information are subject to HIPAA ordinances.


Any healthcare provider or organization that works with patient healthcare data is at risk for losing control of this information. Unprotected electronic files containing sensitive data can easily be accessed, altered, stolen and re-distributed to unauthorized parties. Electronic protected health information (EPHI) is subject to stringent HIPAA regulations; penalties for violation of HIPAA rules can result in stiff fines and jail time. Loss of EPHI can place healthcare organizations at great financial and legal risk.

Taceo, from Essential Security Software can help small to mid-size healthcare providers mitigate these risks. Taceo can also help organizations meet HIPAA requirements forrepparttar 145241 secure transmission, access and integrity of EPHI. Taceo is effective, affordable and easy-to-use software that enables healthcare providers to securely store, transmit and receive sensitive data. Taceo can encrypt and help control access to almost any file. Protected email and documents are safeguarded against unauthorized forwarding, editing, coping, and printing or screen capture. Taceo opens up a new realm of possibilities never available before with such ease and affordability. Healthcare providers can securely email medical information to their patients. Pharmacies can use Taceo to send prescription order information to doctors and customers alike.

Caregivers can quickly and securely collaborate with off-site specialists thereby ensuring patients receive good treatment and much more.

System Requirements • Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/2003 or newer • Microsoft .Net framework installed (if you don’t have this Taceo will install it for you) • Internet access. • 15 MB of available hard-drive space


Mr. Price, a co-founder and organizing shareholder of Essential Security Software, serves as the company’s Product Marketing Manager where he is responsible for global marketing, new product and service development, and strategic partnerships. Zachary has authored many security related articles which have been published in a wide variety of magazines, newsletters and websites.

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