Using a feng shui compass

Written by Jakob Jelling

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The Lo Pan feng shui compass has different concentric rings which providerepparttar information through a magnetic needle. One ofrepparttar 116129 most important rings isrepparttar 116130 one called "the twenty four directions ring". This ring isrepparttar 116131 third one and accurately tells you which directionrepparttar 116132 building faces.

Another important ring you may find in a Lo Pan feng shui compass isrepparttar 116133 one called pre-celestial. This ring is placed atrepparttar 116134 center ofrepparttar 116135 compass and provides information aboutrepparttar 116136 way chi flows in every specific environment andrepparttar 116137 realm of that space. This would allow you to find outrepparttar 116138 right way to improverepparttar 116139 chi of that specific place.

As you can see, a feng shui compass is a very important feng shui tool which must be taken into account atrepparttar 116140 time to professionally apply feng shui within a space. A feng shui compass would provide you with accurate information regarding allrepparttar 116141 important aspects considered by feng shui and therefore allow you to properly balance and harmonize that space.

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Cornucopia Centerpiece for Thanksgiving Day

Written by Candee Stark

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Cornucopia Centerpiece:


-cone-shaped, store bought cornucopia basket -assortment of fall fruits and vegetables (small pumpkins, apples, gourds, Indian corn, nuts, and berries) -dried leaves, wheat, and other natural “fillers” -newspaper -raffia -thin sheet of plastic or plastic tray (to protect table)


1. Stuff newspaper into cornucopia basket (less harvest items will be needed withrepparttar appearance of more!)

2. Cover newspaper with a thin layer of raffia or other natural fillers.

3. Place basket on plastic

4. Place larger fruits and vegetables in basket.

5. Continue adding smaller items…allow them to spill out onrepparttar 116128 plastic (Remember, bountiful harvest!)

6. Fill in small places with berries and nuts.

7. Use leaves and other natural items to fill inrepparttar 116129 spaces; make sure protective plastic is totally covered.


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