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Written by Kevin Nunley

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With all those choices, audiences are split in much smaller groups. TV outlets can't charge near as much for commercials as they did back inrepparttar old days. In lots of markets TV ad prices are lower than radio's and far lower thanrepparttar 124492 daily newspaper's.

One place to get very effective and low-cost TV commercials is through your local public television station. It's an option that most of us overlook, but some savvy marketers are using with great results.

Public television is dealing with big cuts in their funding. Federal funds, which have always formed a small part of their budget, are drying up and stations are having to look elsewhere for money to buy programs.

It used to be that a program sponsor only got a very short, basic promotional line atrepparttar 124493 beginning and end ofrepparttar 124494 program. It had to go something like "This program made possible through a grant from Jim Bakery, where bread is always fresh." Nowrepparttar 124495 FCC has relaxed those requirements allowing pubic TV sponsorship lines look more like full-featured commercials.

Call your local public TV station and ask about their sponsorship policies and opportunities. Becauserepparttar 124496 cost of your "ad" is seen as a donation, your promotional expense is tax deductible.

You also build awareness and goodwill inrepparttar 124497 community when you support public broadcasting. You can betrepparttar 124498 movers and shakers in your town will notice. Public broadcasting's audiences are well education and high income.

As a final piece of advice, remember that a TV station's lowest prices probably aren't published. You will have to callrepparttar 124499 sales manager atrepparttar 124500 station to get them. Expect far lower prices when your ads run outside prime time or in packages of multiple commercials.

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Written by David Seitz

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I suggest you order a box of them today and start posting them like mad on everything going way out of your home or office. I always handwrite a short note on them to make it personalized. Something small like: "Call me to discuss your online needs" or "Visit our website online and email me!" Short and torepparttar point works best, and since it's handwritten, it ads that personal touch. The fact that you can stick them anywhere you want helps get them read. I always stick them to my checks in any bills I have going out.

Post-it notes can also be printed with your logo or other image and you can create your Post-it notes on a variety of bright colors that help get them noticed. I have them printed in every color available.

If you put a little thought into it, I am positive you can come up with a few creative uses for Post-it's in your own marketing - foreheads not included!

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