Using Silk Flowers - Should I?

Written by Ginger Ruoff

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Finally, in terms ofrepparttar wedding budget, a silk flower wedding can be more economical than fresh cut flowers. The flowers you like are always "in season." Prices are not bumped by seasonal changes. Also, because you will be able to order at a time that you wish to, you can pay forrepparttar 122071 flower expense months ahead of other expenses that will necessarily come right beforerepparttar 122072 wedding.

Whatever choices you make about your wedding flowers - silk flower or fresh cut - a good wedding flower designer will help you create beauty in your wedding bouquet.

Ginger designs custom-styled bridal bouquets and wedding packages for brides. Visit her website for ideas.

Keeping A Marriage Romantic

Written by Alan Detwiler

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Build upon what is good --

Find activities that you both like and do them together. These can be activities such as gardening, cooking, hobbies, conversation, recreation, an interest in art, charity volunteering, and family activities. Having interests that are shared, keeps a couple involved in each other's lives.

Share ideas to find ways to more enjoy living. Tell your sweetheart about strategies you use for such things as achieving goals and enjoying yourself. Tell each other about what you think is interesting, what is worthwhile, and what is encouraging. If you share positive ideas, you will think of each other as pleasant and enjoyable.

Encourage your partner to act and make decisions. Both of you will be able to accomplish more withrepparttar other's support and encouragement. When there is a disagreement, be patient. If you need to criticize, offer an attractive alternative rather than a condemnation. Your encouragement likely will produce more good results than will your objections. The good things in life are much more important thanrepparttar 122070 disappointments. Remind yourselves often ofrepparttar 122071 good in what you are doing. And take some time to do what you enjoy.

Alan Detwiler is the author of the ebook Date Ideas: Fun Things To Do For Couples available at He has a web site with a section about fun things to do for couples at ideas.htm.

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