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Written by Jessica Albon

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...................................... When telling a story, leave outrepparttar extraneous ...................................... It's easy to get caught up in allrepparttar 108097 details of a story--how this new client didn't decide to hire me for six months, for instance--when what your readers want isrepparttar 108098 meat ofrepparttar 108099 story. Certainly, details makerepparttar 108100 story more vivid, so don't leave them all out. But, do make surerepparttar 108101 point of your story doesn't get lost inrepparttar 108102 parentheses.

...................................... When telling a story, tie it back to your point ...................................... Unlessrepparttar 108103 article is just one long story (like a case study, for instance), make sure you don't get so enthralled inrepparttar 108104 tale that you forget to bring it back torepparttar 108105 reason you started telling it inrepparttar 108106 first place. An easy way to make this transition is to summarizerepparttar 108107 story's point in one sentence and move on torepparttar 108108 rest of your article inrepparttar 108109 next.

...................................... When telling a story, rememberrepparttar 108110 people ...................................... We're all curious about other people. So, when you're telling a story in your newsletter, make sure you flesh outrepparttar 108111 main character of your story. And make sure to rememberrepparttar 108112 other important people while you tell your story, too--your readers--and make surerepparttar 108113 main character is one they can relate to.

Ultimately, Dan decided to have me write his complete newsletter, but not before he wrote a few complete stories on his own. By following these five guidelines, you, too can learn to tell a complete story.

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Shocking Experienced Copywriter Reveals Little-Known Secrets To Closing BIG Ticket Deals!

Written by Dan Lok

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“Tired of dragging out a bulky food processor and guessing which attachment isrepparttar right one forrepparttar 108096 job? The compact Ultimate Chopper is 4 machines in 1 so you can replace your food processor, coffee grinder, standing mixer and ice cream maker and gain more counter space in your kitchen.” (Ultimate Chopper)

#2 - Decreaserepparttar 108097 price by adding valued component parts.

“Bring your spouse for FREE! Yes, not only can you come, but you can also bring your spouse for FREE. This is a ,995.00 value by itself.” (Real Estate seminar)

#3 - Identifyrepparttar 108098 unique, invaluable aspect of your product.

“Quite honestly,repparttar 108099 majority of currently available bodybuilding training and nutrition information today is never going to produce gains for 98% ofrepparttar 108100 population.

"The pros simply have much better genetics for building muscle and are taking massive amounts of anabolic drugs...I’m not a “Mister” anything. I’ve never won a title.

"I’m just a guy who after 22+ years of trial and error has figured this stuff out and can relate torepparttar 108101 plight ofrepparttar 108102 genetically average trainee. I absolutely know what works for genetically average bodybuilders who want to maximize their potential. I know exactly whatrepparttar 108103 average guy has to do to make muscle mass and strength gains as fast as genetically possible.” (Bodybuilding)

#4 - Makerepparttar 108104 high price itself a benefit.

“Organic foods are more expensive because production is more labour intensive and without herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals,repparttar 108105 yield is generally smaller.” (Organic food)

#5 - Break downrepparttar 108106 big amount into smaller amount.

“Valuable legal services for less than a cup of coffee a day, from top law firms! Protection for you, your family or your business!” (Pre-paid legal services)

If you are going to use "lowest price" to get your foot inrepparttar 108107 door to acquire a new client, thenrepparttar 108108 race is on to "switch" that newly acquired client from price orientation to value orientation BEFORE somebody finds 'em and offers to beat your price.

The Lesson: You CAN charge more for your stuff as long as you’re showing you client that even though she’s paying a premium price, she’s getting a good value. Think "added value." Think "golden handcuffs"; benefits/service so good I won't walk away from it, even for a lower price.

Dan Lok is the World’s First Quick-Turn Marketer, with a proven track record of selling over 17.3 million dollars of merchandise and services. He’s the rebel copywriter who’s created hundreds of money-making ads and sales letter for over 39 different industries. And now, you can get inside the head of one of the world’s top copywriters without paying a dime at

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