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Written by Stephani Richardson

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More Robots Tags Google automatically archives a page as it crawls it. This is called a "cached" version ofrepparttar page. Visitors can retrieverepparttar 131609 archived version ofrepparttar 131610 page by clicking onrepparttar 131611 "cached" link within Google's search results. If you do not want your content to be archived, you can userepparttar 131612 following tag: <meta name="robots" content="noarchive"> *This will only prevent your page from being "cached". If you do not want your page to be indexed at all, you will still need to includerepparttar 131613 "noindex" tag. Another alternative torepparttar 131614 above tag isrepparttar 131615 tag that specifically addresses Google only. If you want other search engine robots to archive your site, but you would like to prevent Google from doing so, then you can userepparttar 131616 following tag: <meta name="googlebot" content="noarchive"> The Misuse of Robots Tags Something that has been popping up on websites everywhere isrepparttar 131617 Google indexing tag. This is a silly little tag that is not necessary. Some people think this tag helps Google to spider your site, but this simply isn't true. The tag looks like this: <meta name="googlebot" content="index,follow">. Some website owners believe that by specifying "googlebot" that their site hasrepparttar 131618 advantage of being spidered faster and listed by Google. According to Google's web crawler information at, you only need to userepparttar 131619 noindex, nofollow, or noarchive tags when you don't want Google to cache, index, or follow that page. Google's default setting is to index and followrepparttar 131620 links onrepparttar 131621 page, so this "so called" googlebot index/follow tag is completely unnecessary. Another silly little tag--- The "Revisit-After" Tag <meta name="revisit-after" content="90 days"> <meta name="revisit-after" content="15 days"> I'm not sure where this myth was started. Today, you will find this tag all overrepparttar 131622 Internet. Webmasters have even promoted it, claiming that it actually works. Are we so naive to believerepparttar 131623 search engine spiders need to know when to come back? I have never used this tag, and my site has no problem with being crawled on a regular basis. Even some SEO (search engine optimization) sites are claiming its value. This comes back torepparttar 131624 importance of always doing your research like this: It is important to examinerepparttar 131625 correct usage ofrepparttar 131626 "robots" tag before applying it to your website. Incorrect usage of tags could result in errors on your page that cause robots to completely ignore your page all together.You can find more information about web robots here:

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TEN High Readership Content Ideas To Get Visitors Coming Back

Written by Ahmad Supaat

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#6. Product Reviews: Include reviews and information about products or services you are promoting. Examples: new products, improvements to existing products, new accessories. Write about your experience withrepparttar product and howrepparttar 131606 product can benefit your readers.

#7. Publications: Include information that is also available for your visitor to download or request by autoresponder. Examples: reports, 7-part e-mail course, ebooks, software.

#8. Visual Content: Include visual content that help explains, shows or supports a product. Examples: charts, graphics, photos, graphs.

#9. Audio-Video Content: New technologies you can use to present your content better. Examples: audio clips, streaming video, MP3 files.

#10. RSS Feeds: Include RSS feeds for fresh relevant content that provides up-to-date information to your visitors. Examples: RSS industry news feeds, information aboutrepparttar 131607 latest technology.

Having useful, interesting content will definitely attract more visitors to your website. If you can't write you own, you can get lots of free articles you can use fromrepparttar 131608 article content directories, and get articles just likerepparttar 131609 one you're reading.

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