Using RSS feeds to increase sales

Written by Joe Duchesne

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RSS feeds bypass nasty spam filters

Every day it seems that email spam is growing. It has gotten so bad thatrepparttar usefulness of email as a communication medium has been greatly compromised. Because of this volume of spam, as much as 85% of your email messages may not get through to your customers. Using RSS feeds, you can achieve 100% delivery effectively bypassing traditional spam filters.

RSS gives your customers exactly what they want

RSS feeds can be created on very specific topics. Like a laser beam, they can be aimed to give information on very specific niches. Narrowingrepparttar 147943 focus of a feed will generally increaserepparttar 147944 usefulness ofrepparttar 147945 feed torepparttar 147946 customer. It also increasesrepparttar 147947 customers interest and trust in whatrepparttar 147948 feed offers to them. All of this will result in more sales.

Want to us RSS feeds to increase your sales? Give your customersrepparttar 147949 information that they want and crave and your bottom line will thank them.

Joe Duchesne is the webmaster for Screamerfeeds specializes in offering news and opinion on RSS Feeds and related technologies. Reprint freely as long as you keep the keyword rich link live.

So you have a blog, now what do you do with it? Blog Basics

Written by Sherry Holub

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If you are using sBlog, your links would be:

Some sites only ask forrepparttar URL to your blog, which would be:

Usually,repparttar 147769 site will also ask for a description of your blog feed. Try to be as descriptive as possible while using keywords from your industry (ie. "JV Media Design - Web, graphic, and multimedia design tips, tutorials, and helpful information). Some will ask you to chooserepparttar 147770 best category for your blog feed as well.

4.Pings: Yet another web acronym, ping is short for "Packet Internet Groper" and is basically just a utility program that tests a network connection. Inrepparttar 147771 blog world, pings are used to tell other sites that you are there. There is debate on how often you should ping others butrepparttar 147772 general consensus is that you should do it every time you update your blog with new content. The best utility to ping blog directory sites (where you should have been submitting your RSS feed links in point #3) is: - Simply go to this site once you update your content, enter your URL ( and description, check off allrepparttar 147773 boxes, then click "submit pings".

Sherry Holub received her degree in design from UCLA in 1995. She is now the Lead Designer and Creative Director at Southern California Studio, JV Media Design.

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