Using Overture For Keyword Research

Written by Steve Gillman

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3. Misspellings are not always seperated. I searched "perseverence," on Overture's research tool, an honest spelling error on my part, and saw good demand. I almost optimized a page for it before taking a second look and seeing thatrepparttar results shown were for "perseverance." You can be certain that searches are being done both ways, but how many each way?

4. Inflated figures. Overture often shows more monthly searches for a keyword than other research tools show for ALL search engines. Who is in error? Hard to say for sure, but given Overtures other imperfections...

Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool is a fast way to learn if there is some demand for a keyword, and it's still free. For serious keyword research, though, it's best to look to other tools.

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3 Secrets to "Striking it Rich" in Cyberspace

Written by Jim Edwards

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Products or services presented with readily understood, self-serving benefits for consumers sell best online (and off).

The Second Key:

An excellent website that loads fast, provides pertinent information to targeted consumers, and allows them to make online purchases quickly and securely.

Your website should: Load fast by making conservative use of graphics. (Go to for an excellent example.)

Provide exactlyrepparttar information your potential customers want and need.

Make it extremely easy for surfers to navigate your site and find exactly what they want.

Look good on bothrepparttar 145985 Netscape and Internet Explorer web browsers at various screen resolutions (640x480, 800x600, etc.).

The Third Key:

Consistent, targeted website traffic by consumers capable of buying your product or service.

Imagine buying a 50 foot billboard and, instead of putting it out byrepparttar 145986 highway, you hid it in your basement.

Nobody would see it!

The same thing happens if you don't actively and continuously promote your website to attract visitors.

With its incredible speed and communications power,repparttar 145987 Internet acts as a magnifying glass for any organization's strengths and weaknesses. E-commerce, e-mail, and a website won't dorepparttar 145988 job of marketing, selling, and customer service for any company.

They will, however, help every organization perform all of those business functions better, faster, and less expensively withrepparttar 145989 real and tangible result of "striking it rich" in cyberspace!

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Jim Edwards, a.k.a., is a syndicated newspaper columnist, nationally recognized speaker, author, and web developer. Owner of nine (9) successful e-businesses as well as a professional consulting firm, Jim's writing comes straight off the front lines of the Internet and e-commerce.

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