Using Link Placement Analysis to Maximize Profits

Written by Craig Desorcy

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Links serve two purposes; providing navigation to areas of interest withinrepparttar site, and pulling potential customers in so that they takerepparttar 139998 plunge and purchase, sign-up for, or merely show interest in, your offer ofrepparttar 139999 day.

Since you can't actually see your customers, however, and follow them around; you need another method by which you can gaugerepparttar 140000 success of your link placement strategy and link phrase content.

Measuringrepparttar 140001 success of certain areas and navigation paths will lead you to choose to make certain items more prominent or even remove areas which take time to update, but hold little interest to visitors.

All serious webmasters should takerepparttar 140002 time to build up a spreadsheet of where customers have been active, and where they have 'clicked out' ofrepparttar 140003 site, so thatrepparttar 140004 placement of links and their phrasing can be adjusted properly.

Specialist tools are much more effective, chiefly by cuttingrepparttar 140005 amount of time spent analyzing logs leaving more time forrepparttar 140006 creation of new sites, and business relationships to present on them.

After all, as Bill Gates himself points out,repparttar 140007 Internet isrepparttar 140008 embodiment of 'Business @repparttar 140009 Speed of Thought.'

About Author: Craig Desorcy is an Internet enthusiast who Lives and works in Japan, spending most of his free time on the internet running his blog and websites of interest.Craig(at)

Are you getting screwed by an SEO company?

Written by Ratliff J

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What do I do then?

Well, besides dozens of websites I run, I created a place where people could go for economic and valuable SEO assistance. Seo Verified is a place to get true SEO work done. We review your tags and content, suggest necessary changes for better ranking, and then submit your website to over 100 engines. We do not submit to FFA links, but we do submit to smaller search engines besidesrepparttar included Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

So, if you want true SEO, check out Seo Verified.

J. Ratliff is owner of the Affiliate Directory and Seo Verified.

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