Using Free For All Links Pages as an Effective Marketing Tool

Written by Michael Lawrence

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You will have to try several of these services (whose price and quality vary GREATLY, I repeat GREATLY) to findrepparttar quality one's.

My suggestion is to inspectrepparttar 149252 leads yourself when you are a new member with one of these services. You can often tell using common sense whetherrepparttar 149253 email addresses appear to be of quality or not. A lot of repeat emails, or repeat email sequences where they haverepparttar 149254 same name and just change a number onrepparttar 149255 end indicate they accept multiple posting from single individuals. While this can create an impressive lead count number to advertise to potential customers, obviously sending 50 messages to one person is not as effective as if you sent 50 to 50 (duh).

Reject vendors who do not generate results... it's too easy to give these guys chances since their services are all relatively inexpensive, but a little adds up in both your time and your money. You can be out $500 on your credit card pretty quickly when shopping for services online. Everybody has an addon, everybody has an upgrade etc.

Stick with a few good sources and try out a few new ones each month (until you reach a budget you are comfortable with). You will miss on a few inrepparttar 149256 beginning. BUDGET FOR THIS. You will feel better mentally and you will be more agressive marketing. You have to getrepparttar 149257 word out inrepparttar 149258 biggest way you can afford while making sure you are using services which provide value for your money. Inrepparttar 149259 endrepparttar 149260 service should make you more money than it costs. At $20 dollars a month one referral to any program you are in will pay forrepparttar 149261 service forrepparttar 149262 month so you can see that if you find those quality FFA vendors it's not hard to justify their expenditure.

Remember these FFA leads were once you posting to these pages. They don't know what you know yet. It's easy to get referrals for FFA programs from people posting to these pages. Well it's not easy to get them to open your email when there are quite a few others in there, but if they do and you enlighten them aboutrepparttar 149263 values of owning an FFA page they will probably sign up under you. Don't brow beat them. Point them to this article if you want, provide them with "education" not a commercial.

FFA Resources I recommend: - one of my favorite programs asrepparttar 149264 multiple mentions in my blog will attest to. 6000 strictly double opted in leads a month. Brianrepparttar 149265 Owner of Trafficwave is really commited to his membership and it shows. Great automated marketing. - Great leads and a premium lead option that gives you 2000 leads that only get emailed your ad..... PER DAY.


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10 Ways to Instantly Promote your Blog for Free

Written by Chileshe Mwape

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8. Take advantage of blog software features that help to promote your Blog. For example, if you're using Blogger, you can do this by turning on: "Email This Post", "Post Pages" "Site feed" andrepparttar Blogger Navbar. These features will help attract new visitors to your blog.

9. Exchange Links with other Bloggers or blog owners. This is another effective strategy for generating targeted traffic to your blog for free. It involves contacting other blog owners for a possible link exchange partnership. All you have to do is locate blogs that are related to yours and contactrepparttar 149213 webmaster to swap links.

10. Write articles or free reports for other webmasters to publish and put your blog url inrepparttar 149214 byline. The ‘byline’ isrepparttar 149215 short paragraph that goes atrepparttar 149216 bottom of each article and describes whorepparttar 149217 author is and what they do. If you write good content, your articles will be published by other webmasters and many readers who like your article will go on to visit your blog.

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