Using Flyers to Advertise your Online Business

Written by Paul Jesse

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Let's break it down and estimaterepparttar amount of sales/traffic you could receive from a well planned offline flyer campaign. Say you print 500 flyers promoting an affiliate product that you signed up for. If you put up 500 flyers on bulletin boards that allow your flyers for two weeks, you have an almost 100% guaranteed exposure number of 500 times 14 or 7000 impressions. If 1% of 7,000 are converted to a $30 dollar sale, you have just made $2,100 or 70 sales. Now that's good money if you ask me.

All you have to do is find a way to convert your affiliate products web site to a flyer, and print out as many copies as you can afford. Thenrepparttar 137487 small task of getting them circulated.

Several months ago I ran a test campaign similar to this and started to receive salesrepparttar 137488 day after I posted all my flyers.

You may want to add flyers as part of your advertising plan.

Paul Jesse is a rerired government employee turned Internet Marketer. For Work at Home Resources and Opportunities, visit his site at:

UbidFast Auction opens for business offering safe and secure shopping for consumers.

Written by Steven Leach

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UbidFast offers choices for buyers and sellers for a secure shopping experience. The auction can utilize StormPay or PayPal for transactions between buyer and seller. We know offering a choice to our clients will give us an edge. The larger auction sites only offer one integrated solution for merchants. We will be actively searching for more options for our clients. We do not collect personal credit card information onrepparttar site.

UbidFast upgrades for this month:

Integration of a new look forrepparttar 137486 site and streamlined navigation

Integration of stores launch promo

In October Ubid Fast will have an online company profile inrepparttar 137487 USA Today Marketplace.

UbidFast is an effort by serveral companies: Names USA- Owner Operator

US Commercial Sales INC

Steven Leach, owner of Names USA, is the operator of Ubid Fast. Since 1999 Names USA has conducted business on the Internet. Based out of Ellington , CT , the company resided at the midpoint between Boston and New York City .

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