Using Film Speed Effectively

Written by Kelly Paal

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800 to 1200 Made for capturing fast moving subjects in all types of lighting situations. People running, playing ball, etc. This isrepparttar film you want if you want to freeze framerepparttar 116216 action of a baseball game. This film speed can be used for capturing fast moving wildlife, like birds, but you will see less detail if you enlarge above a 16 by 20 size. 1600 This film is for super high speed shots. Unless you shooting a car or boat race you probably wonít need this film. Donít use this for nature and landscape imagesrepparttar 116217 lack of detail will be obvious in enlargements. Most ofrepparttar 116218 time youíll only need a 400 speed film for basic snapshots. But it doesnít hurt to userepparttar 116219 other speeds for special occasions, youíll notice a difference.

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Test-flying for fun - RC planes and helicopters

Written by Rod Shoveller

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The amount of fun you can have with an electric Zagi is amazing. This model is so much fun and so unbreakable, I found myself doingrepparttar silliest of things with it. Like skimming acrossrepparttar 116215 strip withrepparttar 116216 prop clippingrepparttar 116217 grass on its way through, stalling it from up high and seeing who could getrepparttar 116218 highest bounce when it hitrepparttar 116219 deck! Who cares,repparttar 116220 chances of breaking it are near nil.

Thatís how we continued forrepparttar 116221 rest ofrepparttar 116222 evening.... until we remembered that to fly inrepparttar 116223 dark - which i used to do on a regular basis - you need 'glow sticks'.

So, back torepparttar 116224 shop to unload allrepparttar 116225 models - we both commented on what a great eveningís flying it was, probably one ofrepparttar 116226 best this year - we are not trying to tempt fate or anything, but are now charging everything in sight ready for another evening of fun.

One ofrepparttar 116227 best things you can invest in is a fast charger - perfect for those last minute decisions to go flying, we have all put a lot of miles on my poor old ripmax fast charger.


Rod Shoveller is a serious radio controlled models addict. He refers to himself as a heli flyer, though he has experience across a wide range of types of RC models. Not only does he fly, drive and steer them, he also builds and repairs them. He can be found at or at the Elite Model Shop in Canterbury, Kent, UK.

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