Using Feedburner to add statistics to your RSS feed

Written by Allan Burns

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There is one final point before we finish and it is something optional you may wish to choose. You may wish to keep your existing feed address if you have existing subscribers and to future proof your feed. To do this you will need to use an HTTP redirect in your htaccess file. If this means nothing to you I would suggest further research before doing this.

You will need to add a new line to your htaccess file.

redirect temp /rssfeed.xml

You will need to change /rssfeed.xml torepparttar name of your current feed andrepparttar 139285 Feedburner path torepparttar 139286 new feed address you will be given by Feedburner. You will need to point Feedburner to a copy of your feed that only Feedburner will see. You will then offerrepparttar 139287 /rssfeed.xml feed address you created in your htaccess file to you visitors to subscribe to your feed.

This is how it should work. Feedburner will periodically check your address you gave to Feedburner for new posts. Your visitors will subscribe usingrepparttar 139288 address you used in your htaccess file and get redirected torepparttar 139289 feed that Feedburner has created for you. This will mean that inrepparttar 139290 future if you wish to stop usingrepparttar 139291 Feedburner service all you need to do is removerepparttar 139292 line from your htaccess file and your readers will not notice any difference.

Allan is the webmaster at Newsniche, an RSS resource for webmasters.

Building Content Sites

Written by S. Housley

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Resources for finding RSS feeds for syndication: RSS Network - RSS Locator -

LINK DIRECTORY While this takes a little more time, compiling a collection of niche websites on related topics can significantly enhancerepparttar value of a portal. Topic-specific directories and search engines can achieve high search engine rankings withrepparttar 139276 larger engines like Google and MSN, and can easily be optimized for a collection of search terms. The process can even be automated if you have programming experience.

Sample Link Directory -

TOPIC SPECIFIFC FORUM The most successful forums are those that are highly focused and niche-oriented. Establishing a community of individuals with common interests will result in return visitors. Managing a forum is not overly complex and there are free forum scripts available that will providerepparttar 139277 forum structure. Many ofrepparttar 139278 forums have scripts available that will allow for search engines to spiderrepparttar 139279 contents and forum posts. Asrepparttar 139280 content flourishes,repparttar 139281 site will increase in value.

Free Forum Scripts:

More on topic-specific portals or information radars can be found in Robin Good's book 'Newsmastering'.

A site that is focused on a relatively narrow range of goods and services will find that there is less competition. Topic-centric websites that provide a gateway to niche information related to a particular industry, sector, topic or market segment are becoming increasingly valuable and popular. Compilingrepparttar 139282 resource using free resources will minimizerepparttar 139283 capital investment. Regardless of whether you are marketing a product, service or advertising, narrowingrepparttar 139284 topic focus will attract a targeted audience who genuinely are interested inrepparttar 139285 website topic, allowing you to monetizerepparttar 139286 portal, and minimizerepparttar 139287 expense.

About the Author: Sharon Housley manages marketing for FeedForAll software for creating, editing, publishing RSS feeds and podcasts. In addition Sharon manages marketing for NotePage a wireless text messaging software company.

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