Using CCS to Eliminate Tables

Written by Sanjay Johari

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Ifrepparttar location and dimensions ofrepparttar 105156 boxes are properly worked out, they neatly fit intorepparttar 105157 web page giving it a clean look. Sincerepparttar 105158 code associated with table designs are done away with,repparttar 105159 content ofrepparttar 105160 page attains more prominence inrepparttar 105161 code. This makes it easier for search engine spiders to locaterepparttar 105162 actual content ofrepparttar 105163 page.

If you have several web pages with similar design,repparttar 105164 CSS code with these and other details can be put in an external file. This will further shortenrepparttar 105165 code for each page. With CSS lot many improvements can be done in web page design and layout. CSS can also be used for search engine optimization ofrepparttar 105166 page.

My experience with CSS has been great and I wonder why it is not used more often. My advice - convert to CSS based design.

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