Using Ad Tracking Tools

Written by Pamela Heywood

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=> is generic -- it doesn't identify your program so there is an element of "surprise" that will help you getrepparttar click. People don't click if they think they've seen it before.

=> It's cheat-proof. It is still a URL with a number onrepparttar 133618 end, but if anyone tries to takerepparttar 133619 numbers off this, they'll just get an error or go to linkcounter. If they knockrepparttar 133620 numbers or reference off your affiliate URL, then they may still end up atrepparttar 133621 program, but you won't earnrepparttar 133622 commission.

=> You will find out if anyone actually IS clicking!

Track a whole ad campaign

If you use different linkcounter links, forrepparttar 133623 same URL, but with different ads or forrepparttar 133624 same ads in different ezines, (give each one or "campaign" a title that you'll remember), you'll find out which ones work best so you know where to advertise again or if you should maybe "tweak" your ads for better results.

You can also use this on your website, but you don't need to have one to use it. You can also enter an amount, say if you are in a program that pays you 10 cents per click and it will add them up so you can double-check this against your commission check.

This doesn't mean you should NOT get your own website, domain and home onrepparttar 133625 web. If you have that already, then you can use this to see how many people are clicking away to certain links within your site, both internal or external. Your log files should tell you where people go internally, but if you don't have them, here's an alternative. Your log files don't send you email each day as this does!

You'll also find a similar concept at:

Or you can do your own ad tracking. Atrepparttar 133626 most simple, give each campaign it's own page with a (preferably invisible) counter on.

If you do have access to log files on your site, "key" your URLs with references of your choice so you can countrepparttar 133627 responses to each. Or set up different redirect pages for each ad to see which ones get hits. You can getrepparttar 133628 code for a redirect page, here:

Just don't leave it to chance, or you'll spend more time chasing your own tail than actually making progress or PROFIT.

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How to Analysis Your Web Traffic For FREE For Maximum Profits

Written by Ross Reyman

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2) Use third party traffic services. Search engine lists Internet audits and some are found under web counter. I had one service that gave me 50 search engines. I found that I was getting a lot of hits at 3-4 am from England. It is useful to take your time in find a service because some are better than other by a big margin. Here are some addresses / and and /. Some are free, but some charge a small fee.

3) How about my web pages? I would like to find out if I have a site that people like and maybe I can advertise these pages. You might want to get a second traffic analysis or a web counter. Here is an idea. Get an account at Commission Junction, a company that has paying banner for over 500 merchants. Sign up for a banner and then placerepparttar banner atrepparttar 133617 bottom ofrepparttar 133618 page. You will be able to gain a commission and then you can look weekly to find how many people visited your site. Check at This is notrepparttar 133619 most perfect method and you can only haverepparttar 133620 banner on just one page atrepparttar 133621 one you are using for analysis. But it is better than paying for a second service.

Whatever, you do. You need traffic analysis and need to examinerepparttar 133622 sites in this article.

Ross Reyman owns the largest freebies site on the web for Internet marketers at /. This site has free ad, moneymakers, and free merchandise such as money. You might also want to read his magazine at /. He will always try to answer any question that you send him.

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