Using 'Power' Words when Writing Articles

Written by David McKenzie

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Do these titles grab your attention?

They should do, because they use power words. In fact, each title uses 2 power words for maximum effect.

One ofrepparttar key objectives of an article writer is to get their article read by as many people as possible. The best way to do this is by having their articles featured in as many ezines and on as many web sites as possible.

When ezine owners and web site owners scan for articles to feature they usually make an initial decision based on justrepparttar 129485 title ofrepparttar 129486 article.

By using power words you stand a much better chance of ezine owners and web site owners picking up your article. Then you can multiply many times overrepparttar 129487 number of people who will read your article.

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Are You Sure Your Query Is Ready?

Written by Gary McLaren

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3.Is my submission method correct?

A publication's writer's guidelines will often tell you howrepparttar editor likes to receive submissions. Do they prefer to receive a query or a finished article? Do they want submissions sent throughrepparttar 129483 post or electronically by email? If sending an article by email, doesrepparttar 129484 editor prefer attachments such as Microsoft Word or do they requestrepparttar 129485 article to be sent as regular text withinrepparttar 129486 body of your email. Withrepparttar 129487 proliferation of computer viruses, many editors now refuse to open attachments that may be carrying dangerous macros or code. If you really want your proposal to execute a rapid depth test onrepparttar 129488 editor's trashcan, simply ignore this checklist item.

4.Does my opening catchrepparttar 129489 reader's attention?

Ifrepparttar 129490 editor only readsrepparttar 129491 first two or three sentences of your query, will you have captured their interest? The first paragraph must be a winner. Intriguing. Enticing. Like a fat, juicy worm wiggling onrepparttar 129492 end of a fishing line. Read your opening again. Can you improve it?

5.Can I cut any unnecessary or redundant words?

Many of us include unnecessary or redundant words when we first draft a piece. The makers of some editing software I know of claim that their software typically removes 25 to 30 percent of unnecessary and redundant words from users' documents. That's significant. Cast a critical eye over your work again. Ifrepparttar 129493 words add value torepparttar 129494 piece, leave them. If you have waffled it may be worthwhile to take a black marker pen and start striking out any unnecessary phrases. Think crisp, think concise.

6.Have I checked my grammar?

It can be frustrating for an editor to read what would otherwise be a good article but forrepparttar 129495 fact it is riddled with bad grammar. Some writers wonder why editors haven't taken them seriously, but they haven't even takenrepparttar 129496 time to proofread their own manuscript before submitting it! Some good word processing software programs will even check your grammar for you.

7.Have I checkedrepparttar 129497 spelling?

Again your software can probably do this for you. If you are writing for a publication in another country have you also taken into account any different spelling for that location, e.g. British vs. American English? Also try to spot any words that may be different from country to country, for example footpaths and sidewalks, diapers and nappies.

8.Have I included some details about my background?

This may not be necessary ifrepparttar 129498 editor already knows you. Otherwise be sure to include a brief biography and list any relevant credentials, clips, or links to your articles online.

9.Have I includedrepparttar 129499 article's publishing history?

Rememberrepparttar 129500 last time you had to clear customs atrepparttar 129501 airport? This is just like that. 'Do you have anything to declare?' Ifrepparttar 129502 article has been published elsewhere, you do.

10.Have I included my contact details?

If you want a reply fromrepparttar 129503 editor, and hopefully one day to receive a check inrepparttar 129504 post, be certain to provide your full contact details. Many writers making submissions by email forget to include any other contact details.

It's been a long day. The editor, red-eyed and wired on caffeine, is ready to go home. Incredibly,repparttar 129505 trashcan is nearly full now. A few crumpled manuscripts lie scattered nearby where they didn't quite hitrepparttar 129506 mark. 'One more',repparttar 129507 editor thinks, 'then I'll hitrepparttar 129508 road.' Finally your submission is opened, andrepparttar 129509 editor, for what seems likerepparttar 129510 hundredth time today, wonders what this new writer has to offer.

Where will your submission end up? Have you helped yourself by sending in a well-prepared submission? If you have followedrepparttar 129511 advice given here, you're well on your way. Now let's hope your idea was a good one.

Happy Writing!

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