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Written by Robert Nixon

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Not only can I see what my safelist is sending,repparttar trends,etc. but I can track which ads produce from where AND do not have thousands of emails on my download on my home PC.

It keeps any emails from bouncing.

This leaves my private e mail address box clean, and as this isrepparttar 109491 one I use not only for my personal e mails but forrepparttar 109492 newsletters I subscribe to, a good place for me to read what I consider important for research for this newsletter.

SAFELIST: This is either your own or one you belong to. They are a form of opt in. They are a great source of testing ads, but NEVER rely on them to make you a solid income unless you have your own. If you are considering this, then be prepared to spend many hours a week maintaining it.

Another benefit of doing this method with 'web mail',

I can ignore allrepparttar 109493 'replies' to my sent message, or not, if I choose. What I really want is : 1.'click thrus' torepparttar 109494 url I am advertising, (which I keep track of using Opt in Lighting) 2. sign ups forrepparttar 109495 opt in's inrepparttar 109496 ad. ( my get respones timed release e mails)

I have lately noticed a trend ofrepparttar 109497 over zealous sending ads to my 'feed back' link, to my 'webmaster' link on my site pages.

These I really hate and takerepparttar 109498 necessary action promptly to insure they seerepparttar 109499 errors of their ways. ( note here: some companies use 'spyware' to seek out email addresses onrepparttar 109500 internet sites and in turn sell those, so you must be very polite in your letters to those sending ads to these addresses ). Conclusion: Web Mail is a great tool IF you use it correctly. You can check your mailbox's from any PC inrepparttar 109501 world. It does have it's limits, so do not expect it to work like your outlook etc. that you may have on your home or office PC. It will keep traffic off your ISP thus keeprepparttar 109502 fear of losing it from your mind.

The Cpu Cash Network is dedicated to putting honesty and respect back into internet home business with solid products at affordable costs, useful tools and resources that will present 'home business' potential, or existing, owner's with information they need.

20 Ways To Increase Your Traffic

Written by Adrian Kennelly

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10. Give awayrepparttar course to people that join your affiliate program. This will increaserepparttar 109490 number of people that sign-up.

11. Make money selling advertising space in your course. You could charge for small classified ads or sponsor ads.

12. Get free advertising by submitting your course to freebie web sites. This will increaserepparttar 109491 number of people that will see your ads inrepparttar 109492 course.

13. Make money by sellingrepparttar 109493 reprint rights to those people that would like to sellrepparttar 109494 course. You could make more money by sellingrepparttar 109495 master rights.

14. Hold a contest on your web site so people could win your course. You will get free advertising when you submit your contest to free contest directories.

15. You'll gain valuable referrals from people telling others about your course. Word of mouth advertising can be very effective.

16. Make money cross promoting your course with other people's products or services. This technique will double your marketing effort.

17. Increase your e-zine subscribers by giving your course to people that subscribe to your e-zine. This'll give people an incentive to subscribe.

18. Allow your affiliates to userepparttar 109496 free course as a promotional tool for your product. Each lesson could include their affiliate link.

19. Promote other businesses affiliate programs you join with your free autoresponder course. Include a different affiliate link on each lesson.

20. Advertise a different product or service on each lesson. If you only have one, use different emotional response ads on each lesson.

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