Use the Power of Affirmations to Enhance Your Life!

Written by Edward Green

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I Persistently Act and Move Toward My Goals. I'm Positive and Prosperous-Minded. I Feel Self-Confidence and Control. I Control My Mind and Body at All Times. I Create Powerful Visions, Devise Fun Ways to Eliminate Overwhelm, Overcome Procrastination, and Do Whatever is Necessary to Get Everything Done.

My Will, Self-Esteem and Spontaneity Get Better and Better Every Day. I Love Challenges and Learn from Every Situation in My Life. I Use My Time Efficiently. It's Fun and Easy to Take Action Toward My Goals.

Each Day I Draw-in More and More Spiral Energy, Vibrate with Energy, Enjoy Life, and Radiate Health and Happiness. I Feel Strong, Excited, Passionate, and Powerful.

I Contribute torepparttar World in a Meaningful Way and I'm Paid Back a Thousand-fold. I Manage My Money and All My Other Resources Wisely. I Radiate Warmth and Friendship to All. My Happiness Comes from Within. I Release My Past and Welcomerepparttar 124090 Present. I'm Healing All My Emotional Wounds and Moving Toward Greater Peace and Happiness Every Day. I Give and Receive Love.

I Have a Wonderful, Fulfilling Relationship with God. I Can Trustrepparttar 124091 Guidance ofrepparttar 124092 Holy Spirit. I Feel My Connection to God in Everything I Do. God Guides My Life. God is My Strength. God Gives Meaning to My World. I Surrender My Life to God.

Of course, you'll want to tailorrepparttar 124093 final paragraph to reflect your own religious preference, but I think you could use allrepparttar 124094 other affirmations almost verbatim if you wanted... or just use them to 'springboard' from.

My very best wishes for your success with them!

Edward Green is president of TM&A Creative Marketing Inc. and long time Jay Abraham Protege´. You'll want to visit his website, GREEN'S GALAXY [] to get Insiders' Marketing/Sales/Persuasion Tips, and more. FREE Success Tools Able to Enhance Your Business and Your Life!


Written by Ilaxi Patel

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6.Understanding ‘M’ Power Express plans in words and sure, you will start counting numbers. Manage cash flow. Don’t build castles in air lest it would cripple you down. Use money wise. Money saved is money earned

7.Competitive Edge Competition results to effective competitive edge. Brainstorm promoting creativity and stimulating ideas to adopt, adapt and applyrepparttar techniques or qualities that make winners a success. Build own standard principles and accept challenges. Grab opportunities, eliminate weaknesses.

8.Influence Powers of influencing others and convincing accepting compromises. Sometimes, just a word, a glance, an inspiration, motivation or lack of one can make a big difference.

9.Planning Ahead Plan to achieve more than you expect. Your success is measured positive. You will be rewarded with big results or else you may land up with setting up your ownself ‘Independent’

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