Use a List-server to Distribute Your Newsletter

Written by By Stephen Bucaro

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Configuringrepparttar List-server

To make a list server function as a newsletter list requires that you modify its default configuration. The following configurations should be set.

1. List Type: Read-only Announcement list. Onlyrepparttar 124319 owner ofrepparttar 124320 list can post messages torepparttar 124321 list.

2. Subscription: Does not require owner approval for people to joinrepparttar 124322 list.

3. Archive: Readable by subscribers only. If non-subscribers can readrepparttar 124323 newsletter, why should anyone subscribe?

Usingrepparttar 124324 List Server

Now all you have to do is post your newsletter torepparttar 124325 list and it will be delivered to allrepparttar 124326 subscribers. You will still be required to deal with delivery failures. Ifrepparttar 124327 reason forrepparttar 124328 delivery failure is becauserepparttar 124329 email box no-longer exists, then you should delete that address from your list immediately.

A delivery failure can also occur becauserepparttar 124330 email box is too full, or becauserepparttar 124331 mail server is down. You should establish a policy for dealing with delivery failures. You have three choices.

1. Ignore them and letrepparttar 124332 number of messages returned because of delivery failure grow to enormous size. Advertisers will not use newsletters if they find out they are paying for a large number of non-deliverable addresses.

2. Delete them immediately. If you do that, you may be removing many subscribers who only haverepparttar 124333 temporary problems mentioned above.

3. Keep a delivery failure address on your list until it fails three times. After three consecutive delivery failures, it is unlikely thatrepparttar 124334 situation will clear up, so you may as well deleterepparttar 124335 member.

If you want to publish a quality e-newsletter or e-zine, you need to spend more time working on content and less time administeringrepparttar 124336 subscriber list. For this reason, you should use a list-server application. But make sure that you are comfortable withrepparttar 124337 operation ofrepparttar 124338 list-server before you commit your valuable subscriber list. ---------------------------------------------------------- Resource Box: Copyright(C)2002 Bucaro TecHelp. To learn how to maintain your computer and use it more effectively to design a Web site and make money onrepparttar 124339 Web visit: To subscribe to Bucaro TecHelp Newsletter Send a blank email to

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Is Your E-Zine Getting Too Personal?

Written by Heather Reimer

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Having read those, are you feeling all jumped up about marketing now? Or are you a little bummed out?

Personalization should make your customers/readers feel you understand them. It can have a warming effect on your relationship with them. It can even allow you to target products and messages specifically to their interests. These are universally agreed to be good things.

The challenge now for players inrepparttar industry is to set a few guidelines and limitations for themselves, i.e. just how personal can we get before we've gone too far? As a heavy user of e-zines, I love personalization - within limits:

Please, use your e-zine to speak to me in a one-on-one, relaxed style about marketing or whatever your topic is.

Speak to me personally about your own professional experiences, failures and successes.

Speak to me of inspiring case studies involving real people.

Survey me to find out what I need.

Subdivide your opt-in database into super-specific categories so you can narrowcast your messages to your various target audiences.

Use software to personalize your e-zine by sprinkling my first name throughoutrepparttar 124318 copy. (Yes, I still get a kick out of that!)

That's personalization at its finest. But hamsters in your colon? Likerepparttar 124319 guy breathing down my neck inrepparttar 124320 bank line-up, you just got much, much too close. And instead of inspiring me, you've creeped me out.

Heather Reimer was a journalist and broadcaster for 16 years. She now specializes in custom e-zine and web content, sales letters, press releases and articles like this one. For fast, effective and memorable e-content,

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