Use The Media To Make Your Personality Famous

Written by Kevin Nunley

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While it isn't a good idea to sell directly to students, many will be happy to introduce you to managers and specialists they know or work with.

Also look for opportunities to appear on instructional TV programs and contribute to book and journals. The number of these instructional radio and TV talk programs has exploded in recent years. Just about every station has a talk show and many air nothing but talk.

Be ready to do your interview. You will want to be informed and energetic. Most interviews are short. Watch interviews on CNN these days. They rarely last more than 60 seconds.

Breath deeply. Do a few deep knee bends. You want to be warmed up and ready to go when you hitrepparttar microphone.

Have a sheet of questions and answers you can giverepparttar 124495 host or producer. The host will work from your sheet. This gives you a great shot at being askedrepparttar 124496 right questions--questions you already knowrepparttar 124497 answer to. Ever wonder how experts instantly know an answer to a question during interviews? The expert gaverepparttar 124498 hostrepparttar 124499 questions to ask.

Use plenty of expression in your voice. Talkingrepparttar 124500 way you do in everyday life will come off as a monotone on air. Speak crisply. Get torepparttar 124501 point quickly.

Remember that if you do decide to market yourself through an instructional program that people flick to certain kinds of personalities. Play it off, and you could really up your business.

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Getting Name Recognition Without Touching Your Computer!

Written by Looking for ways to market your product, service, or idea? Ask

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You can use magnetic signs, window stickers, or have your message painted onrepparttar side of your car, van, or tuck. Checkrepparttar 124494 Yellow Pages for a printer, sign company, or banner maker who can provide your signs.

Online check:

Because we tend to drive along withrepparttar 124495 same clump of cars for significant distances, people can see your sign for 15 to20 minutes. Your signs can work as a prolonged highway infomercial.

* Take Advantage of Billboards: Billboards are a classic way of reaching customers in a specific neighborhood. You can target certain routes to work, residential communities, even workers at particular plants.

Not all states and communities allow billboards. You may have to use posters or small signs. These are even more effective in areas that don't have billboards.

Keep your billboard message simple. There is no way people will understand detailed copy at 70 miles per hour. Instead, let a photo help tell your story. A headline, graphic, and two bullets are generallyrepparttar 124496 most your can effectively use.

Major corporations are always interested in creating "Brand Recognition" for their products. That's why you see so many commercials that don't seem to be selling much of anything -- they are simply trying to get you to rememberrepparttar 124497 NAME so that it will come to mind when you make your next purchase. As a small- businessperson, you can dorepparttar 124498 same thing by being creative with your advertising and thinking outsiderepparttar 124499 computer "box."

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