Use The D System To Get Organized And Reduce Clutter!

Written by Gordon Bellows

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Dump: Throw it out; there is no need to save everything! We often put papers and memos aside and then forget about them. We might occasionally look throughrepparttar stack and we usually end up puttingrepparttar 101886 stack off torepparttar 101887 side again. We still haverepparttar 101888 stack of papers and we just waste time each time we reshufflerepparttar 101889 stack. If one ofrepparttar 101890 other D's doesn't apply to an item, dump it!

Please recycle all paper, cardboard, and whatever else can be recycled instead of just dumping it. Some items may need to be shredded for personal or security reasons. Shredded papers make great garden mulch, but don't remove any paper, shredded or not, from company premises without permission.

Document file: If there is no further action to be taken andrepparttar 101891 item can't be thrown out, thenrepparttar 101892 item should be placed in a document file. Documents that need to be kept include, but are not limited to; proof of ownership, signed contracts/agreements, financial and tax records, employee files, legal documents, and insurance policies. Some documents may be thrown out after five or seven years, while others may need to be kept indefinitely. It is best to getrepparttar 101893 specific time requirements from a qualified attorney or tax advisor. Documents to be saved can be placed in a "to be filed" file or basket, which is emptied once per week when each document is filed in its proper location.

A startling statistic is that 80 percent ofrepparttar 101894 papers we file are never referenced again!

So, once you pick up an item, you should selectrepparttar 101895 best D and takerepparttar 101896 necessary action before you pick up another item. This system can help you be better organized and help reduce clutter. You will no longer have to look atrepparttar 101897 same thing over and over when you take care of it rightrepparttar 101898 first time.

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Resolve Disputes the Easy Way

Written by Andrew Taylor

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Of courserepparttar Court system takes no account ofrepparttar 101885 value of your time as a litigant. If you are a senior manager involved for say 1,000 hours over a period of three years, your lost time may have been worth 50,000 - 100,000.

Stress free - Litigation is undoubtedly very stressful. Everyone finds a Court appearance stressful. It is not only repparttar 101886 day in Court itself butrepparttar 101887 weeks of anticipation and worry beforehand. Mediation, by contrast, should be sufficiently formal to enable a constructive and satisfactory conclusion but, atrepparttar 101888 same time, sufficiently informal to promote a friendly environment whererepparttar 101889 parties can discuss their differences openly.

Confidentiality - onlyrepparttar 101890 parties andrepparttar 101891 mediator ever know what is happening, so mediation carries far less risk of damaging publicity. Your business can protect its reputation, its brand, and its technical secrets. Onrepparttar 101892 other hand what is said in court is on public record.

The combination of confidentiality and speed in a mediation enables you to keep secretrepparttar 101893 very fact of a dispute. Once you have issued a writ (or had one issued against you) then your auditors, shareholders, and financial commentators will be on top of you for an explanation. Your accounts could be blighted for years. If you are a public company, your share price will be affected. In contrast, a mediation can be over in weeks. Only you even know you ever had a problem - and even you have half forgottenrepparttar 101894 detail because it never interrupted your main purpose. The uncertainty represented by litigation simply does not exist.

Flexibility - Government lays down fixed court procedures. Because mediation is informal, more imaginative solutions can be considered. You can consider a settlement that might involve all sorts of solutions other than payment or receipt of money. It might be important to you or your dispute party to deal with timing, quality, future trading, certification - aspects where a court has no jurisdiction to help you.

So that is what it is all about!

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