Use Sensory Media To Get Publicity

Written by Ana Ventura

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By having your face or voice appear on television, radio programs, or on a web site, people start to feel like they know you personally, which ignites a sense of trust. This approach can also throw a little bit of fame intorepparttar mix, especially if you are a knowledgeable authority in your particular field.

If you haverepparttar 124480 means to purchase paid advertising on radio or television, allrepparttar 124481 better for you. But, if you are like many small business owners, findingrepparttar 124482 funds to take on such a big project can be a little more challenging.

So, why not try to get booked as a guest on a local TV or radio show? Find out whorepparttar 124483 producer is, because he or she, NOTrepparttar 124484 host, decides who will appear for interviews and such. The key thing to remember is that you need to be accessible if you really want to get booked.

The advantages to using sensory media are really unlimited: you can create a personable, friendly image while demonstrating your product and setting enthusiasm about your business. Of course,repparttar 124485 best marketing and public relations attempts are far more effective when a mix of print and sensory media are used.

Ana Ventura specializes in helping businesses, organizations, and individuals get media coverage. She is a PR expert at DrNunley's , a site specializing in affordable publicity services. She also writes for the Ezine Ad Package at Reach Ana at or 801-328-9006.


Written by IAN EDWARDS

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MAKE REPORTERS LOOK GOOD BY GIVING THEM REAL NEWS: In pitchingrepparttar media, your general approach inrepparttar 124479 summer is not a lot different than a media relations campaign rolled out at other times ofrepparttar 124480 year.

You need a strong media release tailored torepparttar 124481 needs ofrepparttar 124482 specific news organization. Backgrounders, briefs or point-form fact sheets are useful if your story is complex. You have to be available for interviews, cooperative with helpful information and ready to answer repparttar 124483 easy andrepparttar 124484 hard questions related to your story.

A specific difference, however, is finding out who should hear your pitch. Presumingrepparttar 124485 regular reporter covering your sector is away, you should find out whorepparttar 124486 fill-in journalist is. Whether or notrepparttar 124487 reporter is " green," you need to cultivate a professional relationship based on an honest exchange of news and information. The more you understand what they need for an article,repparttar 124488 more likely you will find your name inrepparttar 124489 news.

There are some drawbacks to summertime news, though. There is less news consumption readership drops for publications and fewer people watchrepparttar 124490 evening news. So a news story inrepparttar 124491 summer may not reach as deeply into your target markets. Also, while it is easier to pitch a story to a green reporter,repparttar 124492 chance for error is greater. New journalists make mistakes as they learn and you might berepparttar 124493 lesson.

But your summer news story will live on in computer archives and searchable databases. Depending on its news merits, your story may be followed by other media well intorepparttar 124494 busier fall period. Also, your summer news hit cost a lot less than display advertising and earned you a lot more credibility.

Scan your organization for news and get your PR machinery moving to place some valuable summertime stories.

Ian Edwards is a senior consultant with Verus Public Relations ( and Reputations Inc. ( A specialist in getting clients in the news, he has a special summer PR package to introduce organizations to the promotional power of the media.

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