Use Repetition to Increase Your Sales

Written by Lisa Lake

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Donít be afraid that people will find your advertisement annoying. Many people only listen to advertisements with half an ear. Advertising becomes like subliminal messaging. It is always going on inrepparttar background, even if no one is paying rapt attention to it. We can all recite certain logos and jingles, even though most of us donít make an effort to memorize them.

Donít just repeat yourself in your ad. When you find your target market, advertise where you think people will hear it and do it over and over again. There is a local jeweler who advertises constantly on every radio station I listen to. I always know when they are having a sale and what will be on sale. I will also remember their exact address until my dieing day.

Repetition is one ofrepparttar 127423 best marketing strategies you can use to convince people and help them remember your name and your message, so you better use it. Donít make me repeat myself!

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Written by Meredith Pond

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For example, a New York Burrito near my office recently started giving away "Burrito Bucks." These green, almost dollar-sized coupons are good for one dollar off any purchase. Right now, one of these is sitting on my desk, right in front of me where I can see it. It serves as a reminder that New York Burrito is willing to give ME a freebie, and as a result,repparttar next time I forget to pack a lunch that's exactly where I'm going to go. If NYB can get me to spend five dollars in there, giving me a buck off will have been worth it. This is especially true since I'll probably go back more than once, even withoutrepparttar 127422 discount.

Giving away free stuff is a great way to drum up immediate business, plus make a lasting impression that will bring results for a long time to come.

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