Use Job Search Hacks to Get Hired Faster

Written by Marta L. Driesslein, CECC

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Hack #3: Know your most marketable skills, competency, and relevant background. Create a personal branding;repparttar things that make your “package” distinct. Blaze past your competition and neutralizerepparttar 137834 yawn factor in candidate- selection boredom by linking your portfolio of contribution to employer need.

Hack #4: Know how to win multiple, simultaneous interviews. Spotrepparttar 137835 core three strategies to gain exposure that penetrates bothrepparttar 137836 advertised and unadvertised job markets. Isolate which one is usedrepparttar 137837 least but rewardsrepparttar 137838 most, in terms of results.

Hack#5: Know how to create effective resumes and letters that sell solutions. Build a campaign action plan that sends your tombstone resume to an early grave. Leverage your knowledge to solve employer problems through tailored special-ops marketing tactics that creates “you” stickiness in decision makers’ minds.

Hack#6: Know how to multiply your access to those who haverepparttar 137839 power to hire. Networking is out. Building strategic relationships is in. Be there…where. Informational meetings with those who have knowledge you need puts you inrepparttar 137840 driver’s seat when hiring patterns emerge.

Hack #7: Know how to give your inner critic a name and tell it to be quiet. Visualizerepparttar 137841 results you want, notrepparttar 137842 ones you fear. Triggerrepparttar 137843 right reactions in your targeted prospects by looking for ways you might be sabotaging yourself, then adapt, improvise, overcome.

A professionally-run job search gets you there faster. It gives you defined direction and leverage to compare, negotiate, and deal from strength. Try to imaginerepparttar 137844 alternative; hitchhiking to nowhere atrepparttar 137845 mercy of blind luck. Can you think of one rational reason why you’d want to take this trip alone?

Marta L. Driesslein is a senior management consultant for R.L. Stevens & Associates Inc. (, a career marketing firm and organization celebrating over 24 years of providing strategic marketing solutions for its clients’ career transitioning needs

Increasing your ROI

Written by Nan S. Russell

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2.Work smart and fast. If you're slow onrepparttar computer, increase your skills. If you pace yourself or spread your work out throughrepparttar 137833 day, don't. If you don't have time to train someone to help you, makerepparttar 137834 time. The more you can leverage yourself andrepparttar 137835 more work that you produce,repparttar 137836 more valuable an asset you become. Invest in yourself.

3.Choose making progress over being busy. Spend a day answering emails, reading mail, completing miscellaneous and unimportant tasks, and atrepparttar 137837 end ofrepparttar 137838 day you're no further along on your important work than when you started. Sure, those recurring tasks need to be done, too. But choose first to make progress, then dorepparttar 137839 recurring tasks, notrepparttar 137840 other way around or you'll find there's no time left forrepparttar 137841 big stuff that offers a better return on your investment.

Want to be winning at working? Invest your personal capital wisely and you'll find your ROI compounding year after year and your career stock rising.

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