Use It Or Lose It!

Written by Maire Hodder

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When my son was in elementary school he was given a list of words to learn for a spelling test. There was only one problem; one ofrepparttar words was spelled incorrectly ON THE LIST. There is obviously something wrong with a system that generates illiterate Ďteachersí.

When he reached high school it became mandatory that he use a calculator. Thankfully, he had already acquired a facility with numbers, but many of his schoolmates werenít as fortunate. What will happen when they donít have access to a calculator?

When allrepparttar 142615 machines are gone,repparttar 142616 only thing left will berepparttar 142617 knowledge inside your mind. Ifrepparttar 142618 mind isnít being nurtured it will wither and die.

Read a book, play cards, do a puzzle, but do something, anything it takes to preserverepparttar 142619 most valuable asset you have.

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The REAL people's war!: 'great satan'

Written by James Sorrell

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--->Make Love, not war!! James Sorrell [ ] --->Only Lucifer is Satan; and it is impossible for a human to be an angel, Holy or fallen! Get out from underrepparttar deception that Satan has you trapped in, by his design, and be attention torepparttar 142229 truth ofrepparttar 142230 message---it is wisdom acquired at great cost & sacrifice, and humble prayer! Stop payingrepparttar 142231 price of slavery, misery, war and death! Have a life of your own, free fromrepparttar 142232 hate, conflict & wars of your dead ancestors! --->LOVE is what you do for ALL others that is in their highest or best interests; anytime, anywhere, selflessly [24/7] !!!

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