Use A Wallpaper Border For A Budget Backsplash

Written by Lee Dobbins

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Measure out your wall paper so it is a couple of inches longer thatrepparttar actual size ofrepparttar 100434 backsplash and cut. Applyrepparttar 100435 paper torepparttar 100436 wall perrepparttar 100437 manufactuers instructions. If your paper has a pattern, make sure you matchrepparttar 100438 pattern onrepparttar 100439 cut edges in corners or where you couldn’t userepparttar 100440 continuous roll. Buttrepparttar 100441 bottom ofrepparttar 100442 border up against your counter. If there are any windows or moldings inrepparttar 100443 area you are papering, you will want to overlap any paper that is against them. Make sure you smoothrepparttar 100444 paper out with a wet sponge or wallpaper brush to remove any bubbles and wrinkles. After puttingrepparttar 100445 border up, take a wet sponge and smooth it out torepparttar 100446 edge – always moverepparttar 100447 sponge fromrepparttar 100448 paper torepparttar 100449 wall so thatrepparttar 100450 edge doesn’t buckle up. Make surerepparttar 100451 edges have enough paste on them so that they don’t peel back after it is dry.

Cut off excess paper around any moldings, window and inrepparttar 100452 electrical outlets and switches.

Lee Dobbins is owner and editor of A Kitchen Decorating Idea where you can learn more about wallpapering and decorating your kitchen on a budget.

How to protect stone floors from staining

Written by Edward Green

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Doesrepparttar seal ever need topping up or replacement?

You getrepparttar 100433 picture;

The truth is if you do not use a professional Stone Sealer Applicator such as Marble Master you are usually throwing your money downrepparttar 100434 drain. A sealant application professional will be able to help you makerepparttar 100435 correct choice.

We offer warranties with all of our applications of stone sealant. The most common home and office stone seal give a 15 Year Warranty. This means to you that if at any time during 15 yearsrepparttar 100436 sealer doesn't performrepparttar 100437 whole product is reapplied FREE of charge.

Our impregnating sealers make treated indoor or outdoor surfaces easier to clean and maintain and to look good for longer. Dry-Treat does this by using nano-technology i.e. engineering at a molecular level. Our flagship product, STAIN-PROOF :

Guards engineering concrete, terracotta tile, cast stone, pavers, sandstone, limestone, brick, slate, marble, granite, porcelain, terrazzo, vitreous tile and grout against damage from water, water borne salts, oil based stains and graffiti;

Makes surfaces stay cleaner; Stands up to weather and traffic; Retains a natural look; Eliminatesrepparttar 100438 occurrence of efflorescence;

Is suitable for a wide variety of home, commercial and industrial applications, including: building facades, floors, walls, stone bench tops, swimming pool surrounds, public areas, patios, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas, and Is backed by a 15 year warranty

Edward Green owns and operates the highly successful Marble Master Ltd company. Marble Master specializes in Restoration and Refinishing of all types of natural stone and consultancy services to Architects, Restoration Companies and Interior Designers.

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