Up the Sandbox!

Written by Keith Thompson

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Since we don't know, can't know, will not know for sure untilrepparttar Google Gods unlockrepparttar 131689 keys torepparttar 131690 kingdom and enlighten us; it only makes sense to this webmaster to get on with life. I've got new sites waiting, as do many. We all languish at PR0 until (or if) there's another update. Some sites get picked up quicker than others, and to some extent that is a measure of SEO. However just get over it! Since there's nothing concrete we can do except build great content sites with lots of relevant links (legitimate) why worry about any sandbox?!? Don't get your knickers in a knot! Write more content, articles, and get more sites to link to you because ofrepparttar 131691 worth of your site. There are other sources of traffic, go get them! Dorepparttar 131692 right thing for your business. Spend time on it, not worrying about this.

Many ofrepparttar 131693 leading voices in SEO agree that there may indeed be a "sandbox", and if there is, that may not necessarily be a bad thing. You don't want some farmer (link) ranking ahead of your carefully crafted content site, do you? Of course not! One thing is sure: if there is a sandbox, it belongs to Google and if you want to play, followrepparttar 131694 rules and don't cry! Pay or play!

Keith can be reached at keith@internetmarketinghere.com Find the latest and best tools and reviews for your online business at http://www.internetmarketinghere.com

How to Sell your Website

Written by Matt Dobinson

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Sell to your visitors - A commonly used technique to get a good profit fromrepparttar sale of your website is to post a 'site for sale' link or image onrepparttar 131687 frontpage ofrepparttar 131688 site for sale. This targetsrepparttar 131689 audience to people interested inrepparttar 131690 topic ofrepparttar 131691 site. But be warned not all of these people are or want to be webmasters.

Personal Contact - If you have a low budget, selling your website though your personal contact can be very rewarding. This takes everyone else out ofrepparttar 131692 equation and you pay no broker fees or ad fees. If you plan on selling your website this way make sure you know enough people who would be intrested inrepparttar 131693 site.

Website Checklist
Before you get to putting up website for sale ads and hiring a site broker, there are a few things you will need. Firstly, find out in detail your statistics. This including unique visitors per day or month, bandwidth used per month and current and past revenue forrepparttar 131694 website. Most people who are inrepparttar 131695 industry will ask forrepparttar 131696 pagerank ofrepparttar 131697 website too. You can find out your page rank by downloadingrepparttar 131698 google toolbar and re-visiting your website. A pagerank is considered by most webmasters as being a large factor.

Matt Dobinson is the owner of PageBrokers.com - A website dedicated to buying and selling websites online for the best possible price.. He also runs WebmasterFreebie.com - an online community for webmasters.

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