Unrelated Inventiions: Catering for the uncommon denominator

Written by Gabriel Nijmeh

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Q: What do you find to berepparttar most effective marketing and promotion vehicles of your software?

A: I don't really focus on marketing or promotion - perhaps I'd be a millionaire if I had ;-) My main focus is to keeprepparttar 124166 software going out and make sure that it's available from a wide range of websites. I occasionally get approached by magazines who wish to covermountrepparttar 124167 software and I usually accept those. Most of my sales come from word of mouth.

Q: What distinguishes your product from others onrepparttar 124168 market?

A: Inrepparttar 124169 beginning it was a combination of being a direct-to-disc recorder and having auto-track. A few programs now contain an approximation of auto-track now, but I'm told that mine is probablyrepparttar 124170 most effective. Now, I guess thatrepparttar 124171 sheer weight of features is a big selling point as well asrepparttar 124172 degree of customer support I offer. There are lots of little uniquities (if that is a word) inrepparttar 124173 software, but it's really up torepparttar 124174 user whether those are what they're after.

Q: What kind of market research did you perform prior to developing your product(s)?

A: I didn't. I don't really go withrepparttar 124175 idea of looking for a market and developing a product for it - it's too calculating and it means that you'll have less interest in what you're doing than in how much money is coming in. Good shareware works because users are dealing with a fellow enthusiast.

Q: What tools do you use to manage your software development business?

A: My development is done with Visual C++ 6.0 under Windows 2000 with Visual Sourcesafe for revision control. I have VMWare for cross platform testing and use a combination of Microsoft Word and Doc-to-Help 2000 for my help development. The rest ofrepparttar 124176 operation is handled by a fusion of MS Outlook, MS Access and a huge amount of home grown VBA code and C++ plugins. It's a real timesaver having your website, backups and even your release procedure totally automated and it also removesrepparttar 124177 likelihood of mistakes caused by shippingrepparttar 124178 wrong file (it used to happen occasionally). I used to use Installshield Express for distribution, butrepparttar 124179 old version broke on systems which had used installs fromrepparttar 124180 new version andrepparttar 124181 new version couldn't be automated as easily, so I now use my own installer. Finally, for distribution, I have Aid Submission Genius, PadGen, AddSoft and Submass (all paid for, of course) and for keeping an eye on my website I use 123 Log analyser. There are other tools I use for various purposes, but nothing which is development specific.

Q: Where do you see your business/software heading inrepparttar 124182 future?

A: I'm branching out into writing now - my other shareware projects haven't met withrepparttar 124183 same degree of success as Audiotools and I don't really want to keep all my eggs in one basket. There may be some more shareware coming inrepparttar 124184 next couple of years (I have a couple of products in development) but I imagine that Audiotools and my books will be my main focus. I even plan to write a book about Audiotools at some point, to give shareware developers "the inside story" as it were. Ultimately, I followrepparttar 124185 path of least resistance, so my direction inrepparttar 124186 future will very much depend on my successes inrepparttar 124187 present. That concludes a very insightful conversation with Andrew Fish from Unrelated Inventions - http://www.unrelatedinventions.com. Please takerepparttar 124188 time to visit his web site and check out his software and some of his writings.

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Review of Procreate KnockOut 2

Written by Tim Skyrme

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You can apply as much or as little feathering onrepparttar fly as is needed, and userepparttar 124165 touch-up tools such as touchup brush and eraser as they are required. It is even possible to previewrepparttar 124166 saved part ofrepparttar 124167 image againstrepparttar 124168 proposed backdrop so that any problems can be resolved before exitingrepparttar 124169 program.

You work on a separate duplicate layer like an adjustment layer, sorepparttar 124170 background (original) one is always maintained.

Once you have donerepparttar 124171 tutorials that are provided inrepparttar 124172 form of a booklet, or in HTML format fromrepparttar 124173 CDrom, you should have no more trouble, andrepparttar 124174 results are brilliant. More tutorials are to be found on-line just to finish offrepparttar 124175 training.

Just because it is a plug-in does not mean that KnockOut 2 is not worthy of consideration by serious graphics users, it just speeds up work that can take hours to get right otherwise. I think that it should be part of every professional photo re-toucher's toolbox.

Tim Skyrme 2002

Freelance reviewer of graphics and multimedia programs and books.

I write a weekly newsletter finding freeware programs for these subjects at http://www.artzend.com

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