Unleash the Power of Your Mind with Affirmative Subliminal MP3 Sounds.

Written by George Papazoglou

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thought fledged by my chaotic mind and remotely enthrallrepparttar Universe.

Allow me to share with you one intimate invention that can propel your intelligence, charisma and powerness torepparttar 149197 next level too - and dramatically manifest your life towards unknown paths of success and nirvana: once you acoustically deploy specific affirmation messages in combination with subliminal programming, truly magical incidents can happen in your life. By subliminally implanting particular 'commandments' in your own mind withrepparttar 149198 medium of sound, you can transform yourself to a powerful personality as you have had a magic wand on demand.

Unknown those are to you, Distant Observer, these magical idiosyncratic waves of intellectualistic expressions. Hereby I challenge you, to mentally craft your own prow and flow thrurepparttar 149199 ULTIMATE NIRVANA of a superior intelligence; our illuminati. 

Specially, enlightened you, Revolutionist, spared are my thoughts, all engraved and to be discovered inrepparttar 149200 virtuality ofrepparttar 149201 cyberspace at my eDiary

George Papazoglou isrepparttar 149202 Creator ofrepparttar 149203 http://CosmicMaster.com and 'The Revolutionist'; a Subconscious Programming MP3 System.


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How to Create Hip, Mature and Lush Harmonies [correction]

Written by Ronald Worthy

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2. When you are taking a solo and not "comping" (accompanying) for another soloist you should play your chord voicings in your left hand, so thatrepparttar right hand can be free to improvise, do fills, doublerepparttar 149030 left hand, add extensions, etc.

3. The range of your voicings is also very important. A good rule of thumb to remember when voicing your chords, is to always try to voice your chords around middle C. Keeping your voicings around middle C will sound full and clear. Limits of approximately an octave above or below will assure best results by preventingrepparttar 149031 voicing from assuming a quality of thinness or muddiness.

Ron Worthy is a Music Educator, Songwriter and Performer. His Web Site Offers Proven Tool, Tips and Strategies (that anyone can learn) to Play Rock, Pop, Blues, R&B and Smooth Jazz Piano. http://www.mrronsmusic.com/playpiano.htm

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