Unleash The Dragon … Inside Your Computer!

Written by Kevin J Vella

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When playing games, watching DVDs and manipulating digital images, you must make sure that you haverepparttar right graphics card and it is set up to maximize your experience.

Avoiding slowdowns is not just all about your hardware and system settings. It also depends on how many programs you have installed and on how secure your computer is when connected torepparttar 141552 internet.

By “how many programs you have installed” I don’t mean thatrepparttar 141553 more software you install on your computerrepparttar 141554 slower it will be.

Rather overrepparttar 141555 lifetime of your PC, you will find yourself installing a portfolio of programs that you have bought, borrowed or downloaded. As this collection increases, so willrepparttar 141556 collection of shortcuts in your automatic start-up list increase without your knowledge and approval.

As you add more programs that must be started when you switch on your computer, you will see a general degradation of performance and a slow down in boot-up times.

Spyware and viruses are a nuisance not only because they can steal or damage your data. They usually add processes that run inrepparttar 141557 background and are completely invisible to you. They sometimes even fool Windows and your other security tools in thinking that they are legitimate programs.

How do you keep track of all this? Well, evenrepparttar 141558 most experienced users find it extremely difficult to control all resources and system settings of there computers.

They are constantly tweaking their PCs manually while using software that help them.

Next week, I will tell you how you can keep track ofrepparttar 141559 more important resources of your PCs and how to improverepparttar 141560 way they interact to give you more power at your fingertips.

Just as a sneak preview, though, hold this thought: there exist some nifty utilities, like SpeedUpMyPC, that give you automated tools that really boostrepparttar 141561 performance of any computer.

Kevin J Vella is the author of this article and the Public Relations Manager of Uniblue Systems, a leading developer of Performance and Security Solutions for Home and Business users: http://www.the-easy-way.com/uniblue.html

What Makes Up A Laptop? Batteries, Screens And Cpus

Written by Melissa Knab

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Most laptops come with modular/swappable drive bays, to allow you to removerepparttar floppy drive, DVD drive, and evenrepparttar 141527 hard drive. This is very convenient if you often use different media for saving and storing data and need to make a change between media types but need to continue working atrepparttar 141528 same time rather than having to shutrepparttar 141529 machine down.

Some laptops come with a built-in AC power supply, sorepparttar 141530 laptop plugs into a wall outlet with a simple ordinary plug-in, however many haverepparttar 141531 power brick which is attached torepparttar 141532 AC cord and this can be inconvenient if you are working in a confined space. Often withrepparttar 141533 more recent laptops you can byrepparttar 141534 more compact device to make it easier to userepparttar 141535 laptop in small spaces such as hotel rooms.

Naturally laptops are purchased for their mobility to laptops will always come with one or two batteries to allow you to takerepparttar 141536 laptop away from mains power. This means you can leaverepparttar 141537 AC power cable behind and only plug it in torepparttar 141538 mains power when you need to rechargerepparttar 141539 batteries.

Melissa Knab is the owner of Batteries Pro which is a premier source of information about Pro. For more information, go to: http://batteriespro.com

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