Universal Meaning of Celtic Knotwork

Written by Marc Choyt

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A square knot motif concerns structure and stability, which is why buildings userepparttar shape of a square foundation. Numerology has always played a part in ancient cultures and there are many books onrepparttar 122116 subject. The number five, for example, representsrepparttar 122117 four directions andrepparttar 122118 center point, orrepparttar 122119 five senses.

We also often see knot work shaped like an oval, which isrepparttar 122120 shape of an egg. The oval has something to do with generative creativity and birth. Planets circlerepparttar 122121 sun in an oval. And if you squeeze an oval together you getrepparttar 122122 lemniscates,repparttar 122123 symbol for infinity which is very prevalent in knot work motifs.

Many knot work motifs also deal with vectors that travel in a certain direction. If you look atrepparttar 122124 shape of an arrow, it’s easy to understand why a triangle might connote movement.

Another common motif isrepparttar 122125 knot work depicting a trinity. Inrepparttar 122126 Celtic tradition, many deities had three forms. The Mother Goddess was understood torepparttar 122127 maiden, mother and crone. The universe was viewed as heaven, earth and otherworld. We are born, we live and we die. Certainlyrepparttar 122128 trinity knot also illustratesrepparttar 122129 One being dividing off intorepparttar 122130 masculine and feminine, orrepparttar 122131 mother and son-- a mystical truth contemplated in many sacred traditions.

The cross is also a symbol rich in meaning. From a simple point of view, two lines crossing symbolizing a connection or meeting which can be a point of creativity. Some mystics speak ofrepparttar 122132 horizontal axis representingrepparttar 122133 earthly plain, whilerepparttar 122134 vertical axis points towardrepparttar 122135 heavens.

Whilerepparttar 122136 above guide for understanding knot work is not necessarily based on any scholarly or anthropological text onrepparttar 122137 meaning of knots, it does provide a starting point that is based on a universal perspective. Most knot work designs are going to have some variation of these shapes. Spending time contemplatingrepparttar 122138 motif may yield some insight.

Lastly, there’s an essential reason whyrepparttar 122139 knot work is so prevalent, and that is beauty. I will never forget Jaisalmer, an ancient town inrepparttar 122140 desert of Rajasthan. This ancient city, where caravans used to stop and trade, is made from sandstone. Many ofrepparttar 122141 buildings are carved with intricate knot work patterns. Strangers walked up to me and said, “How do you like our beautiful city?” I could see clearly how art is life-giving andrepparttar 122142 need for beauty is something fundamental. Inrepparttar 122143 middle ofrepparttar 122144 desert,repparttar 122145 beautiful knot work in golden stone brings joy torepparttar 122146 heart.

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Marc Choyt graduated from Brown University in 1984 with a degree in English. In 1995, he received an MA degree in Humanities from St. John's College. In 1996, he and his wife, Helen Chantler, founded Reflective Images, a designer jewelry company specializing in contemporary Celtic jewelry. http://www.celticjewelry.com Please send email requests to marek@celticjewelry.com.

Psychic Counseling

Written by Dale Power

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Data tracing/linking- Often people will describe to you situations and individuals that are important to them. From their thoughts and descriptions of people and events you can gain direct information about how these other people actually feel andrepparttar true nature ofrepparttar 122115 situation. This deeper understanding will allow you to aid your client in dealing with specific situations correctly. By asking careful questions you can cause your clients subconscious mind to supply you with honest information about what they should be doing in regard to these specific individuals and topics.

Part of your job, once you have this information, is to lead them to realize what they already know, with as little direct information as possible coming from you. Don’t tell them, for instance, “You like this person romantically, but they don’t feelrepparttar 122116 same way about you”. Instead ask questions aroundrepparttar 122117 situation until they come torepparttar 122118 conclusion on their own. This assumes your understanding ofrepparttar 122119 information is correct of course. It is possible to misinterpret things, even with absolutely correct information, which is another reason to take care in your statements! It is possible, for instance, that their subconscious mind will present to yourepparttar 122120 common feelings ofrepparttar 122121 person on an issue, rather thanrepparttar 122122 facts ofrepparttar 122123 situation. If they often feel that no one likes them, lets say, it may look fromrepparttar 122124 information they give you, that no one does, even though this is a false perception on their part! Try and make sure that your interpretation does not negatively impactrepparttar 122125 session, orrepparttar 122126 person, just as a general course of action.

Precognition- In their description of events to you, it is common to get a fairly clear sense of how a situation is going to turn out. You may be able to determine what will go well for them, as well as what is doomed to failure.

While you can warn them of what might work and what won’t, it is important to help them generate a specific plan of action, if they are going to makerepparttar 122127 best use of your warning. Make sure that they understandrepparttar 122128 situation and what their options are. Coach them in making a solid plan, including contingencies for unwelcome events. Any strategy generated by your client will have a greater impact on them and more likely be followed to completion. This does not ensure success, of course, but they will have a better chance at changingrepparttar 122129 direction of events with this foreknowledge and proper planning.

It is also possible to foresee health and emotional troubles well before there are any external signs. Some problems may indeed be needful torepparttar 122130 growth ofrepparttar 122131 person involved, so try to be sensitive to such situations, but many problems can be fixed well before they happen, saving grief all around.

Entrainment- Asrepparttar 122132 other person is already entrained to you, it is possible to guide them to deeper states of mind, to a more complete connection with their own subconscious mind, by controlling your own thoughts.

By slowly moving into a deeper more synchronized state, you will draw them into a similar level as well. Once there, if you slowly and carefully begin to pay more attention torepparttar 122133 conceptual content of thought, they will, on certain levels, dorepparttar 122134 same.

This will tend to make them more aware of themselves and what they need to do in life. Which will, in turn, allow them to deal with any problems they may have more effectively.

I know that this sounds easy to accomplish and with practice and attention to detail, it really is fairly straight forward, as all of these methods are based on naturally occurring processes. Still it takes some effort andrepparttar 122135 ability to get your own ego out ofrepparttar 122136 way to be highly effective. Lack of ego involvement allows you to give advice suited to your client, rather than what you think they should do, based on your own opinion and preconceived notions of correct living.

This kind of work is, perhaps,repparttar 122137 future of psychic ability. It combines a wonderful level of service to others with solid technique and utility that is easily seen by many people. All things that psychic work has been accused of lacking inrepparttar 122138 past.

This article and other helpful information can be found at : http://healing.worldispnetwork.com Please feel free to use this or any other materials onrepparttar 122139 site as you wish. We only ask that you reproduce this article as a whole, includingrepparttar 122140 above link. Thank you.

Dale Power is a psychic healer, researcher and educator that has been focusing on ways to improve psychic functioning in humans for the last twenty years. Go to: http://healing.worldispnetwork.com to find out more about the work being done.

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