Unique Baby Shower Gifts: Diaper Cakes

Written by Regina Taylor

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Cakes might contain one or more ofrepparttar following: -Disposable diapers -Hooded towels -Receiving blankets -Undershirts -Snap-shirts -Burp cloths -Bibs -Socks -Shoes or booties -Baby bottle

Small Baby Accessories may include: -Pacifier -Pacifier holder -Comb and brush Set -Scratch mits -Rattles -Teethers -Washcloths -Feeding sets -Nasal aspirators -Small baby lotion -Small baby shampoo -Small baby powser -Small baby bath -Squeak toys -Bath books -Baby hangars -Wash mitts -Bath thermometers -Boo bunnies

Diaper cakes are ideal for baby shower gifts, table centerpieces, gifts for new parents, and welcome-to-the-world gifts for babies. Make your gift stand OUT -- consider purchasing a baby diaper cake for your next affair!


When mother and architect Regina Taylor discovered the scarcity and cost of baby shower gifts, she decided to start her own business to provide high quality, affordable baby products to consumers online. The result is The Diaper Cake Depot, the best online source for unique baby shower gifts. Visit The Diaper Cake Depot today to find the perfect gift for the expectant mother in your life!

Linda Jenkinson

Written by Traveling With Babies

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Extended Hotel Stays

Many hotels stock products and equipment especially for travelers with babies, but they may not stockrepparttar brands you and baby prefer. When you make your reservation, ask for specific information on product brands andrepparttar 140994 equipment you’ll need to make baby’s stay comfortable. If you opt to use a hotel crib or bassinet, be sure to pack a couple of baby’s own blankets, a familiar mobile, and/or other “security items”.

Although your inclination may be to pack up your complete nursery, in some cases, an extended stay may allow you to pack even less than you would for an overnight trip. For instance, it would be impractical to pack a week’s worth of bottles and nipples. Pack only enough for a day and leave time in your itinerary for clean-ups. When packing baby clothes, include two or three one-piece outfits that can be quickly hand washed when soiled.

You’ll also want to be sure to bring along a stroller. Most contemporary strollers are lightweight and easily collapse for transport or storage. Some models are equipped with multi-position reclining seats so baby can sight-see or nap as he or she chooses. In addition, many have features like tray attachments, sun canopies, attached toy bars, and “parent” trays for your little extras.

If part of your vacation will put you in a crowd, consider a baby backpack or sling. The Baby Bjorn Carrier holds baby safely to your chest, increasing baby’s sense of security as he maintains eye contact with your familiar face.

From day trips to cruise ships, how you travel with babies depends chiefly on your destination and length of stay. However developing a basic plan and adding to it asrepparttar 140995 situation warrants will quickly make seasoned travel companions out of you and your little one.

Linda is mother and grandmother of two, she is author of the Baby Strollers Guide and the Baby Products Guide

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