Unfit Mothers: A guide to becoming a better mom

Written by Kenia Morales

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Trust me; I went thru this stage when I had my first daughter. I was all about her until; I took a real look atrepparttar stranger inrepparttar 142907 mirror staring at me. She no longer had her own illusions; she had neglected her physical appearance and most importantly did not like what she saw.

That’s when I decided that not only was I aiming to be a good mom but, it was also my personal goal to not lose myself inrepparttar 142908 process.

Now, I have given up work outside but, have remained independent by working at home, follow my dreams, allow space to grow and take care of myself (physically, emotionally).

The result of it: I am happier which automatically helps me be more patient, appreciative, and loving not to mention a better role model. But, always keep in mind there is no perfect mom. Just like any other role in life you will learn alongrepparttar 142909 way.

If you believe that you do not handle your frustrations effectively then it would be good to take anger or stress management classes or if you would like to enhance your parenting skill go torepparttar 142910 Center for Improving Child Caring http://www.ciccparenting.org/cicc_fpcs_13.asp they offer free classes in most states, free childcare is available while you are in class. “It will not be fair to mistreat your children so, seek out help if necessary.”

Just some advise from another mom,

Kenia Morales

Kenia Morales is the publisher of online magazine http://kpatra.com "For Every Aspect of Today's Woman. Visit her site to find a variety of women related issues and topics" click here http://www.kpatra.com/keniascolumn.htm to find Kenia's little piece of heaven her inspirational column

"Make Me Feel Special"

Written by Yvonne Finn

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That is why one ofrepparttar most explosive market is in self-improvement. It is growing so fast, it's practically taken on a life of it's own. This might seem somewhat contradictory, because, I have just said humans want to be known and accepted as they are.

However, every person feels that there is something they want to improve about themselves and that there is a way to do it. But, as many of us have learned, we do not make lasting changes because we were made to feel "unspecial" by harsh criticisms.

We want to to berepparttar 142876 author of our self-improvements or what I call "increased specialness"! So while we want self-discovery and aim for self-improvement, we NEED to feel special. We will gravitiate towards any person who can genuinely give us this "special" feeling. It takes a special person to make every person that they encounter feel this specialness, but it's a goal worth reaching for. It could even bring about world peace! Now there's a goal to make you even more "special".

Yvonne is known to her family, friends and customers as the "go to" gal, when it comes to giving gifts that ensures that the recipient feels "special". Shop for your Father's Day gifts at her link here! http://www.freewebs.com/natural-skin-care/fathers-day-gift.htm

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