Unfinished Projects and What to Do With Them

Written by Loretta Oliver

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1. TOSS IT! As we covered aboverepparttar easiest option is often to just throw it out.

2. Put it in rotation. Work on it every few weeks, or for so many hours in between your other projects, eventually it will become a finished project.

3. Donate it! ~ Many times I've seen just started or half finished pieces for sale atrepparttar 116240 local thrift shop for a few bucks. Someone will pick it up and hopefully it will bring them enjoyment and relaxation!

4. Ebay it! ~ I have also many a UFP up for auction at Ebay! Yes Ebay,repparttar 116241 worlds largest marketplace has a large array of unfinished handywork. In these casesrepparttar 116242 seller is generally trying to recover some of their supply cost. They still sell dirt cheap though.

5. Share it! Give it a friend that may be looking for a new project or that might like to try something different.

6. Turn it into something new! This isrepparttar 116243 most flexible option of all! Create something totally new and different than what it was supposed to be. Examples: Were you making it a quilt and just couldn't take it anymore? Make a pillow withrepparttar 116244 pieces you have done. Knitting or crocheting a sweater and just cant look at it anymore? Userepparttar 116245 finished part to stuff a pillow and saverepparttar 116246 left over yarn for another project. Stitching a piece you just cant bear anymore? Find a small portion that is finished on it if any, cut that out and use in a patch work quilt or put it in a small frame.

Now of course if you are really determined to finishrepparttar 116247 project go ahead and stick back atrepparttar 116248 bottom of your project stash. ;o) I wont tell. Maybe next year it will be less stressful for you.

Whatever you do, enjoy your craft!

Loretta Oliver www.stitchingthenightaway.com

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No Sew Fleece Blankets

Written by Loretta Oliver

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In just an hour or two you have made a great, warm, cuddly blanket! :)

To make a pillow, cut a piece of fabric 15-18 inches square (15 for a 10 inch pillow and 18 for a 12 inch pillow) make it just likerepparttar blanket, except after you've done 3 and a half sides sliderepparttar 116239 pillow form in and then finishrepparttar 116240 4th edge off.

Blankets can be made ANY size ~ just purchaserepparttar 116241 appropriate amount of fleece for your needs. Blankets can also be made with ONE piece of fleece instead of two for a slightly lighter weight blanket, just be sure to buy double sided fleece with a reversible pattern and followrepparttar 116242 same directions as above only using one piece of fabric.

Now, get cuddly onrepparttar 116243 sofa and enjoy your new blanket :)

Loretta Oliver www.stitchingthenightaway.com

Stitchingrepparttar 116244 Night Away

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