Unexpected Wisdom

Written by Steve Kaye

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Actually, every "next four years" will have a significant impact on you. Your actions and decisions during that time will determine everything that follows. Andrepparttar key to makingrepparttar 139160 most of time is having a vision, setting goals, and making plans.

Most leaders work with a business plan. And some have a business plan for their career and other important aspects of their life.

3) It can be a lot of fun.

Yes,repparttar 139161 next four years andrepparttar 139162 rest of your life can be a lot of fun. If you choose to make it so.

My train ride serves as an excellent example of this.

When I bought my train ticket I decided that I was going to enjoyrepparttar 139163 ride. And I can report that I had a ball. In fact, I told everyone that I met onrepparttar 139164 train that I wasrepparttar 139165 happiest guy onrepparttar 139166 train.

Now, let's be realistic about this. A train offers some challenges. For example,repparttar 139167 train rocks from side to side as it rattles along over old track, switches, and rail crossings. The train blows a whistle, which you can hear all day (and night) long. The train provides limited space. I spentrepparttar 139168 first night in coach, curled up on my seat andrepparttar 139169 suitcases that I stacked onrepparttar 139170 floor between my seat andrepparttar 139171 one in front. My sleeper (forrepparttar 139172 next two nights) consisted of a 3.25 feet wide, 7 ft. long, 6.5 ft high space.

And yet I wasrepparttar 139173 happiest guy onrepparttar 139174 train. Because I decided to enjoyrepparttar 139175 ride.

Similarly, we can enjoy our ride through life if we decide to enjoy it.

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Turnaround or Terminate? How to Deal with "Problem"

Written by Anne Alexander

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The second step ofrepparttar two-step approach: suppose you've fully implementedrepparttar 138964 first step (turnaround) andrepparttar 138965 situation remains unacceptable. Now it's firing time, and because I bet you care about other people, you know that it's one ofrepparttar 138966 most unwanted and difficult tasks an owner or manager faces. I encourage my clients to remember that a business or organization cannot afford to carry an unproductive and toxic employee. An employee person unwilling or unable to makerepparttar 138967 necessary improvements must be sent to find an employment situation that fits them better. This does not make you an evil or uncompassionate human being.

So pull out "the sliver" and create a positive, unstoppable team. The number one key to professional success isrepparttar 138968 quality ofrepparttar 138969 people you surround yourself with - employees, colleagues, spouse, friends. Life speeds by, so removerepparttar 138970 rocks from your river and let it flow forward, full force. If you can't turn around a problem employee, you must let them go. It's not your fault and if you want your business to flourish, and you will at times find you have to terminate.

Anne Alexander is a coach who works with business owners, executives and professionals as their strategic partner to grow their business or career, improve their effectiveness and become powerful managers. For Anne's free, popular 8 part e-course "Maximize Your Professional Success," send a blank email to mailto:maximize@authentic-alternatives.com or visit http://www.authentic-alternatives.com

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