Unemployment Iraqi Style

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

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Considerrepparttar average Iraqi. Three years ago, there may have been a muzzled press and sinister whispers of secret executions and atrocities against minorities, butrepparttar 141163 electricity and water systems worked, there was order inrepparttar 141164 streets, there were uplifting parades or uniformed troops, a leader standing up torepparttar 141165 might ofrepparttar 141166 western world, and a deep pride in being a citizen ofrepparttar 141167 arguably strongest Muslin country inrepparttar 141168 world.

Three years later, men stand in line forrepparttar 141169 few paltry jobs available withrepparttar 141170 security forces, well aware ofrepparttar 141171 possibility of being blown to bits forrepparttar 141172 only sin of standing in that line.

President Bush is on a crusade (that was his word) to ridrepparttar 141173 world of terrorism and convertrepparttar 141174 entire planet to Western Democracy and his version of freedom (his favorite word).

America will saverepparttar 141175 world. And if there is nothing left whenrepparttar 141176 saving is over, can we wring some sense of self-satisfaction fromrepparttar 141177 fact that no despots are left standing onrepparttar 141178 windswept, barren plateau that remains?

Virginia Bola operated a rehabilitation company for 20 years, developing innovative job search techniques for disabled workers, while serving as a Vocational Expert in Administrative, Civil and Workers' Compensation Courts. Author of an interactive and supportive workbook, The Wolf at the Door: An Unemployment Survival Manual, and a monthly ezine, The Worker's Edge, she can be reached at http://www.unemploymentblues.com


Written by CMOE Development Team

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Sports Coaching Versus Corporate Coaching

In sports,repparttar coach can rarely outperform those coached, yet in businessrepparttar 141084 coach will probably be an accomplished player. One ofrepparttar 141085 most successful coaches inrepparttar 141086 National Basketball Association never played professional basketball. Is it possible to conceive of a successful sales manager who never was a salesperson? In sports, coaching is a full-time job supported in many cases with assistant coaches; in businessrepparttar 141087 coach has many diverse responsibilities. In gymnasticsrepparttar 141088 coach’s span of control is usually on-on-one. The number of “suits” onrepparttar 141089 bench, during a college basketball game, often equals or outnumbersrepparttar 141090 “uniforms” or actual players. Athletes can practice beforerepparttar 141091 game and take time-outs; in businessrepparttar 141092 clock is always running. Most athletic coaches see themselves as, first and foremost, teachers. Even thoughrepparttar 141093 word "coach” has become a popular addition to most managers’ job descriptions, we doubt that many would also include teacher. So whilerepparttar 141094 playing field and conditions are different, we believe that there are some unique lessons to be learned from sports coaching and applied to corporate coaching.

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