Understanding an Ear Infection

Written by Joe Miller

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Headaches, ringing, hearing loss, and ear drainage may also develop. Often, as symptoms grow more severe, blurry vision, vomiting, and diarrhea may also occur. These symptoms are more prevalent in children, who suffer an ear infection four times as often as adults do.

Ear Infection Prevention

Prevention isrepparttar best way to avoid an ear infection. Becauserepparttar 146033 Eustachian tubes are connected torepparttar 146034 sinuses, many nasal sprays have appeared onrepparttar 146035 market to help flush outrepparttar 146036 build up and bacteria inrepparttar 146037 Eustachian tubes as well asrepparttar 146038 nasal passages andrepparttar 146039 sinuses.

Many ofrepparttar 146040 nasal sprays and other medicines available include xylitol, which is a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables and used in our everyday metabolism. Xylitol is looks and tastes like sugar, though it contains fewer calories and zero net carbs. Xylitol is a natural bacteria repellant used to prevent more than just ear infection. Xylitol Glossary of Prevention and Benefits explains more ofrepparttar 146041 benefits associated withrepparttar 146042 use of xylitol.

In understanding ear infection and its symptoms, prevention becomesrepparttar 146043 natural step. Xylitol as a leading ingredient is proven to reduce ear infection risk.

Joe Miller is an author of informational articles and online advertisements on business, technology, and health. Information on Ear Infection is available at Xlear.com.

Stop Smoking For Good

Written by Sean Harder

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3. Smokers tend to concentrate better when smoking. Stimulant drugs can improve concentration, andrepparttar mini withdrawal between cigarettes can causerepparttar 145981 opposite. Concentration does tend to return after about a week of not smoking.

Based on these, we developed some strategies for quitting:

1. When you decide to stop smoking, make sure that you continue to takerepparttar 145982 same breaks ofrepparttar 145983 same duration, atrepparttar 145984 same times that you would normally have a cigarette. During these mini breaks, do not eat, but do practice breathing as if you were smoking. You don't need a fake cigarette, but if it helps to have something to do with your hands etc. go ahead.

2. I don't recommend this, especially if you associated smoking with coffee drinking, but if necessary use caffeine to help you concentrate forrepparttar 145985 first little while. Use diet soft drinks or tea instead of coffee if you can because these have less caffeine and will be easier to get rid of whenrepparttar 145986 withdrawal is done. This stimulant is not quite as strong and is better than using nicotine patches or gum because it is different. If you choose to do this, only do it for a few days and then cut it out gradually.

Accept that you might have a little, or maybe more than a little weight gain. This is a natural response even if you don't eat significantly more. My experience shows that very often within a year, your weight will start reducing on its own, once your body gets use torepparttar 145987 metabolic changes. Inrepparttar 145988 meantime, increase your exercise. Seerepparttar 145989 sections on fitness and overall health.

The overall benefits will be worth it if you give it enough time. If you want more advice on quitting smoking click here.

This article was written in 2003 by Sean Harder creator and owner of WholeLifeGym.


Sean has been a therapist and life coach for 13 years. He is published author and founder of WholeLifeGym.com.

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