Understanding The Report

Written by Sandy Gauvin

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This way, when you go intorepparttar meeting, you will be more prepared.

3) Take notes as you discussrepparttar 109326 report. If you take notes fromrepparttar 109327 discussion, then you will have ready information to take intorepparttar 109328 meeting, and you won't be bogged down having to findrepparttar 109329 information inrepparttar 109330 report.

4) If you still have trouble understanding, you can contact your state Learning Disabilities Association. They will have answers for you and they may be able to suggest someone to go torepparttar 109331 meeting with you to help you understand what is going on.

5) Know that it's okay to take someone intorepparttar 109332 meeting with you for support. Facing a group of professionals can be scary, whether you have a college degree or not. Having support with you can be very comforting, and if that support is someone who understandsrepparttar 109333 process better than you, that's a bonus!

Remember, you are NOT alone in this process. You have a team of people who are there to help your child be successful. And working together as a team isrepparttar 109334 best way to make that happen. But, you have to play an active role in that team in order for your child to getrepparttar 109335 best services possible, and that may mean searching out people who can help you understand and take charge.

For more plain talk about learning disabilities, please visit us at www.ldperspectives.com.

Sandy Gauvin is a retired educator who has seen learning disabilities from many perspectives - as the parent of a daughter with learning disabilities, as the teacher of children with learning disabilities, and as an advocate for others who have diagnosed and unrecognized learning disabilities. Sandy shares her wisdom and her resources at www.LDPerspectives.com.

Chandler Hill Partners - Find Your Future

Written by Chandler Hill Partners

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Secondly we deliver a free-four hour seminar in our offices for high school drop outs ranging in age from 16-24. We empower them by identifyingrepparttar skills they didn't know they had. We write their resumes and we partner with companies in our communities who will agree to review their resumes and give them an opportunity to interview. We partner with other businesses who will donate services such as vocational training, computer skills, and professional attire. Our success has been in helping them understand that they have value and we have found that discovering their value helps lead them back to school.

Chandler Hill Partners is committed to impacting these statistics and helping changerepparttar 109325 future of those less likely to succeed on their own.

For more information contact us at FindYourFuture@ChandlerHill.com

Whether you're a CEO or a mid-level professional, Chandler Hill Partners combines solution-oriented services with today's leading technologies to deliver the most effective and fastest job search cycle.

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