Understanding The Basics Of Advertising

Written by Craig Valine

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4. Never start writing your advertisement until you're totally excited aboutrepparttar task at hand. If you're not excited about your product, it will come out in your writing, and hence, repparttar 101204 lack of results your ad produces.

5. Advertising is essentially news. Your ads must inform, educate, enlighten, inspire, or promise a reward for taking action. Apply your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) to your news angle. The USP works great as a news angle because if you'rerepparttar 101205 ONLY one in town that does , isn't that news? If you haverepparttar 101206 lowest price in town and you tell them why you can beat every one else, isn't that news? It sure is. Ads should educate and inform, as well as persuade and move people to action.

Understanding these basics of advertising will put you head and shoulders above your competition. Why? Because in my blunt opinion, 90% of all advertising stinks! And, most business owners (and some advertising agencies) don't understand that "the only purpose of advertising is to sell something."

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Are You Using Ezine Classified Ads?

Written by David McKenzie

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3. Swap Ezine Ads for Articles

Instead of swapping ezine ads why not feature another editors article in your ezine and they feature your ezine ad in their ezine. Both sides benefit.

What about receiving money for running ezine ads in your ezine?

Once you get to 1,000 subscribers you can start to run paid ezine ads. But don't run any more than 3 per issue. You do not want to clutter your ezine with a whole lot of ads.

Rates vary tremendously but let's assume you negotiate a deal of $10 per thousand subscribers for each ezine ad. You run 3 ads per ezine.

If your ezine was a weekly publication then that is an extra $30 per week, or $1,560 per year. A nice little extra earner.

When you get to 2,000 subscribers this would be over $3,000 per year. Can you seerepparttar potential here?

So if you've never tried ezine classified ads, then give them a shot. Compared to online classified ads they are more focussed and have been proven by independent studies to get a higher response rate.

David McKenzie is the author of a new e-book titled "How To Write Free Articles and Market Them With a $0 Marketing Budget" Get a Free 5 Day Email Course http://www.brisney.com/how-to-write-free-articles.htm

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