Understanding Search Engines

Written by Carl Hruza

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What specific information should I include on my site to attract favorable ranking or positioning? The type of information that a search engine spider records from a specific site varies with each search engine. A working knowledge of whatrepparttar specific search engines look for when compiling their indexes can considerably boost a site's position inrepparttar 128210 rankings. Much ofrepparttar 128211 content important torepparttar 128212 search engine for indexing is not visible torepparttar 128213 user and is entered inrepparttar 128214 background byrepparttar 128215 site programmer. A difficulty arises whenrepparttar 128216 site has a theme or subject that is extremely popular, and is contending with a large number of other web sites for top position. In this case it can take some time to achieve a favorable position, and only after employing extensive techniques in attracting favorable indexing byrepparttar 128217 search engines. There are many techniques that can be applied to gain favorable search positions.

My business is in a popular category, and I can't achieve favorable positioning, what can I do?. Contact an expert.

What is 'Spamming' and could it help get my position higher? Yes it could, butrepparttar 128218 risk is too great. Spamming techniques are various, but generally it is a deliberate attempt to manipulate search engine indexing, to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors. An example could berepparttar 128219 repetitive use of keywords in your body text, masked fromrepparttar 128220 viewer by settingrepparttar 128221 text color torepparttar 128222 same color asrepparttar 128223 background, or repetitive submission ofrepparttar 128224 same pages torepparttar 128225 same search engine. Search engine programmers are fast becoming wise to repparttar 128226 techniques of spammers, and will drop your site form their listing if you are caught. There are always legitimate ways to reach a good result, they sometimes take a little longer!

The benefits gained through successful ranking inrepparttar 128227 search engines can be tremendous - increases in traffic ten fold are not uncommon, and if proper attention is paid to targettingrepparttar 128228 appropriate keywords, most ofrepparttar 128229 traffic will be relevent prospects.

Carl Hruza. For more information on this subject, or if you have any information you may like to offer, or require any assistance with your business promotion, please contact carl@connectgreenbay.com or visit us at www.search-engine-positioning-ranking.com

3 Yahoo! Submission Tips You Haven't Heard

Written by Chrisi Darrington

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Tip 2 Color Choice IS Important

With allrepparttar tips I've run across regarding Yahoo! submissions, I've never seen any touch onrepparttar 128209 elements ofrepparttar 128210 color. If you want to know whatrepparttar 128211 richest Entrepreneurs onrepparttar 128212 web think about color and text, here's what they suggest, and I agree.

Black on white text isrepparttar 128213 best way to present your content. Loserepparttar 128214 colorful or worse,repparttar 128215 printed backgrounds under your text. Color should be used to accent your website inrepparttar 128216 side bars and so forth.

Never use more than 3 color combinations, this doesn't include black or white. Two colors are better. Make sure these colors complement one another andrepparttar 128217 linked text does not reach out and pluck your eye balls out of their sockets. If you're a bit color blind, have a friend help you out.

The truth is, a more professional looking web site will increase your opportunity to be listed.

Tip 3 Avoid The Newbie Look

One ofrepparttar 128218 most amateurish things you can do is center everything or place large areas of bold text content on your website. This includes using a large font that appears to be bold text.

Center headlines and sub headings. Center small sentences of text for grabbing attention. Left justifyrepparttar 128219 rest of your content.

Only use larger fonts for headlines and sub headings. Do not use a font that is so large it takes up a third of your page. Use bold for highlighting important key thoughts (phrases, not entire paragraphs)and keywords. Use bold for headlines and sub headings.

I leave you with these concluding thoughts.

Followrepparttar 128220 instructions that Yahoo.com has provided. You'll find them located here: http://docs.yahoo.com/info/suggest

Create a unique and valuable web site with a professional overtone. Animated banners and buttons are distracting. Avoid too many on any one page, or avoid them altogether. Check your site for grammar and spelling errors. Have a friend look it over for errors as well.

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