Understanding Psychology of Dog Training: Pack Behavior & Establishing Control

Written by Moses Chia

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If you would prefer to own an obedient dog that pay attention to your command, assumingrepparttar role ofrepparttar 144065 “alpha leader’ and establishing control over your dog is extremely important! Your dog must learn that he isrepparttar 144066 lowest ranking inrepparttar 144067 family, subordinate to you, torepparttar 144068 children, and must recognize you to berepparttar 144069 leader. If such hierarchy is not set up properly,repparttar 144070 dog will try to take charge and assumerepparttar 144071 role ofrepparttar 144072 leader. This’ll eventually leadrepparttar 144073 dog to turn into “dominant dog” and thus tend to misbehave. If this happens, you’ll face an uphill task to properly train your dog. As we live in a democratic society, most of us will find it hard to understandrepparttar 144074 dog’s concept of dictatorship. Nevertheless, it is necessary that we adjust ourselves to understand howrepparttar 144075 dog live and think. By being dictating, you would think that this is cruel or even inhumane torepparttar 144076 dog. If you think so, you are very wrong! In fact, dogs are more than happy to be a follower and taking instructions from a leader. You have to give your dog directions, organize his space and activities for him, and he’ll be more clued-up and know his boundaries of life, which means knowing what is expected of him when he’s indoor or outdoor. Your dog will be able to lead a less stressful and happy life and so will you.

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Why Crate Train My Dog?

Written by Jenny Saylor

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Puppies have very small bladders so they cannot physically hold it for very long. I would suggest that you takerepparttar puppy out every two hours. As puppies get older, naturally they will gainrepparttar 144014 bladder control and be able to hold it longer. Eventually this time should increase to 8 hours or more.

Another thing to consider when purchasing a crate is to make sure that you buy a crate big enough to accommodaterepparttar 144015 full growth of your pet. When your pet is a puppy and you are crate training, make sure thatrepparttar 144016 crate has a divider panel. You can adjustrepparttar 144017 placement ofrepparttar 144018 divider panel so thatrepparttar 144019 puppy does not have full use ofrepparttar 144020 crate thus creatingrepparttar 144021 “den” feeling that will make your dog feel comfortable and cozy. In this situationrepparttar 144022 dog will not want to go in its den and will keeprepparttar 144023 area clean. If you giverepparttar 144024 puppyrepparttar 144025 full area ofrepparttar 144026 crate it may be too large andrepparttar 144027 dog will make one area ofrepparttar 144028 crate his potty area andrepparttar 144029 other area as his sleeping area. Adjustrepparttar 144030 divider panel so thatrepparttar 144031 dog has enough area to get up and stretch but not enough room to eliminate.

Crate training your puppy or dog is just a smart thing to do for you and your pet. It will give yourepparttar 144032 sense of security and peace knowing that your pet is not getting in harms way while you are away.


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