Understanding Marketing Tax Deductions

Written by Richard A. Chapo

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G. Costs for Advertisements onrepparttar Internet,

H. Billboards, and

I. Graphic design costs.

Goodwill Marketing For Your Business

Marketing that is intended to portray your business positively can be deducted. Such marketing creates a long-term potential for business and, thus, falls withinrepparttar 149615 ordinary and normal requirements ofrepparttar 149616 tax code. Examples of such marketing include:

A. Sponsoring local youth sports teams,

B. Distributing samples of your business product, and

C. Costs associated with prizes offered by your business in a contest.

As long as your marketing expenses can be reasonably related torepparttar 149617 promotion of your business, you should be deducting said expenses from your gross revenues. If you failed to claim any such expenses on your tax returns, your probably overpaid your taxes.

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How To Track All Your Website Traffic For Free

Written by Louis Allport

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Youíll also find many further free tracking software solutions at http://www.hotscripts.com

But personally speaking, what Iíve found works very well and avoids putting any increased strain on my existing websites is using a third party tracking service.

The only things really to worry about when using a third party service are:

* How long will this service be around? (If they stop their service after a year, you wouldnít be able to access your past data and will have to change all your tracking codes on your pages too.) * What is their privacy policy regarding my web stats? (Are they honest and trustworthy in other words. You donít wantrepparttar service owners studying and then duplicating your successful business plan.)

Overrepparttar 149500 past month Iíve been using ecommStats (http://www.ecommstats.com). Now, this service isnít free, but at this time they give you 50,000 free page views per domain, and depending how busy your site is those page views can last you a very long time.

The service works great and is very easy to add to your pagesósimply add three lines of code atrepparttar 149501 bottom of each of your pages (you can easily do this with Server Side Includes if youíre comfortable with that) and all your visitors get tracked accurately and in great detail.

Alternatively - an entirely free (at this time) and very established service is StatCounter (http://statcounter.com). It even has a rave review from Tucows.com (one ofrepparttar 149502 largest download sites onrepparttar 149503 internet) which speaks for itself and adds a lot of credibility torepparttar 149504 service.

And just in case youíre wondering how a free service like StatCounter makes money, well - since itís such a popular service with many webmasters logging in every day (and many Iím sure even more than once a day just like me) that itís made it very easy for them to sell a lot of advertising on their site. They also offer an upgrade to their advanced paid service.

But thinking beyond free services, as your business grows you may choose to upgrade to high end paid services that provide even more in depth information about your visitors...

Services like Urchin (Urchin.com - owned by Google) or Deep Metrix (DeepMetix.com). However, to help you grow your business to that point you need to keep a close eye on what your visitors are doing and where theyíre coming from, and free tracking software and services is a great way for you to start to do this.

Louis Allport is an online product developer and marketer and recently revealed a simple and *proven* four-step formula for creating best-selling products practically on demand: http://www.marktse.com/recommend/bestseller.php

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