Understanding Google's Algorithm

Written by Claude Beavers

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Alright, then how can I userepparttar algorithm to my advantage?

There are quite a few things to focus on when optimizing your site forrepparttar 142528 Google algorithm, butrepparttar 142529 most important ones would have to be inbound links to your site and good, relevant content. Other things come into play, such as click through rates,repparttar 142530 frequency of updates to your site,repparttar 142531 physical address listed in your whois information, technical and administrative contacts, your host's IP address, andrepparttar 142532 length of time your domain name is registered for. All of these things, although some are weighed more than others, have a serious impact on your rankings and on your PR (Google Page Rank).


Having a high volume of inbound links, or links coming from other related sites to your own, is king with Google, although there are specific "rules" you must follow to be sure that these links are counted as "suitable links." Get as many links back to your site as possible, but be sure these links are from related sites, or at least are in a category on their links page that is closely related to your own. Also, try to stay away from "FFA" pages, free for all listings pages with thousands of links on a single page, as these actually prove to be a detriment to your site in search engine listings. This would also include doorway or portal sites, which focus on having as many links to their site as they can, with as many keywords stuffed intorepparttar 142533 site as possible, as an alternative to real content.

Be sure to alter your text links slightly from time to time. Google's algorithm picks up on varied text links to your site much more than if they are allrepparttar 142534 same. This also helps to assurerepparttar 142535 spiders that your links were not spammed out torepparttar 142536 sites you are listed on.

Relevant Content

If having a multitude of links is #1 on your priorities list, then having a large selection of unique, relevant content should be #2. There are so many benefits to having a lot of original content on your site that it's hard to list all of them. The most obvious would berepparttar 142537 amount of keywords and phrases that are picked up byrepparttar 142538 search engines spidering your site. Original content also helps to prove that your site is not a "spammer" who simply stealing articles and content from other sites to attract more visitors. Increased traffic is another major benefit from having a lot of relevant content, which is never something to scoff at.

Overall, unique, relevant content is as much a requirement for getting high listings as getting high quality links to your site, if not more so. Focus on both equally, and make sure both your content and your links page are updated monthly atrepparttar 142539 very least. Ideally, you would want a high volume of incoming links being added daily, as well as site updates with fresh content, but if you don't haverepparttar 142540 time or energy forrepparttar 142541 constant writing and editing of your site, you should still be okay. Just remember, you will only get out ofrepparttar 142542 algorithm what you put into it.

Other Optimization Tips

Generally, just try and be careful on how you promote your website, and how it appears to Google inrepparttar 142543 first place. If you keep your site clean and updated often and your whois information current, you should have no problem getting decent listings on desired keywords. Just make sure your site in no way resembles a Spam site, either through falsified contact information or physical address, or throughrepparttar 142544 amount of keywords used on each page, or having your domain name registered for only one year.

For more detailed information on strategies and tips for utilizingrepparttar 142545 Google Algorithm, refer to Advanced Uses forrepparttar 142546 Google Algorithm

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Frames and Search Engines

Written by Sumantra Roy

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Furthermore, you should also place a link torepparttar page containing your navigation links inrepparttar 141623 NOFRAMES tag. This ensures thatrepparttar 141624 search engines are able to spiderrepparttar 141625 internal pages in your site.

One problem that occurs when you use frames is thatrepparttar 141626 search engines may often display one ofrepparttar 141627 internal pages in your site in response to a query.

If this internal page does not contain a link torepparttar 141628 home page of your site,repparttar 141629 user will be unable to navigate through your entire site. The solution, of course, is to add a link torepparttar 141630 home page from that internal page.

Whenrepparttar 141631 visitor clicks on that link, she is brought withinrepparttar 141632 context ofrepparttar 141633 frames.

However, simply adding a link torepparttar 141634 home page presents yet another problem.

Ifrepparttar 141635 visitor had already been viewing that page withinrepparttar 141636 context ofrepparttar 141637 frames and then clicks onrepparttar 141638 link torepparttar 141639 home page, a new set of frames will be created in addition torepparttar 141640 frames already being used. I

n order to solve this problem, you have to userepparttar 141641 TARGET = "_top" command inrepparttar 141642 link, i.e.repparttar 141643 HTML code forrepparttar 141644 link would be something like

Go to our home page

Wrapping things up:

As I mentioned earlier, there is also an advantage to using frames. Since most Internet users are now using frames enabled browsers, it means that not many people are going to know what's present in your NOFRAMES tag.

This allows yourepparttar 141645 repeat your keywords a few more times inrepparttar 141646 NOFRAMES than what you could have done if you were writing a page which humans would also see (of course, don't repeatrepparttar 141647 keywords too many times - that can cause your web site to be penalized for spamming).

You can also avoid using tables, graphics etc. which you would otherwise need to use if humans would also view that page.

However, it is debatable whether this small advantage is sufficient to justify using frames.

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